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Nikon Z50 hands-on: Nikon’s mirrorless cameras get smaller in both size and price

Nikon has unveiled its first-ever APS-C DX mirrorless camera, the 20.8-megapixel Z 50. That makes two different camera systems launched a year apart, which is quite a pace for a conservative company like Nikon. The Z 50 is less than half the price of the Z 6, so it should appeal to a broader market, especially folks who already own Nikon DSLR lenses.

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21 thoughts on “Nikon Z50 hands-on: Nikon’s mirrorless cameras get smaller in both size and price

  1. Canon risk their resources to make a smaller lens for aps-c to optimize for the size. While nikon with their superior z mount confident its the best option for them and i like that.

  2. My list of better APS C sensors:
    1. Nikon Z50
    2. Nikon D500 / D7500
    3. Sony a6600 / a6400
    4. Fuji X-T3 / X-T30
    5. EOS 90D / M6II

  3. This Z50 sensor for me is the king of low light in APS C format. The only capable to includes native ISO of 51200 and achieve full frame performance at 6400 or 3200 ISO. Is the D500 sensor with better engine and bigger mount…

  4. USB-C can do video too, they should have used that instead of Micro USB.
    USB-C has become the industry standard for about every personal computing and connectivity device.

  5. If your taking 350 shots in a day that's sad, your hardly looking at that rate, just firing off the shutter. And the batteries are cheap so why is that an issue.

    Will use my phone in Raw, yet to find anything it cannot do and have an Rx100 when I want long exposures etc.

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