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New Dell Inspiron 15-3000 (3567)- Review

This is my review of the new Dell Inspiron 3000 called 3567. It is powered by Intel Inspiron i3 6006U and 4GB of Ram.
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26 thoughts on “New Dell Inspiron 15-3000 (3567)- Review

  1. Fuck this is very terrible purchase 🤕🤕 I wasted my money on this shit product don't purchase this pls. 😷😷🤒🤕

  2. SSD + 16gb = Great Performance (Windows 10 uses stock hard-drive crazy 80-100%)

    Edit msconfig / services / adjust visuals for best performance / firefox supa fast / monitor resource usage in task manager and stop processes thats maxing out usage, works for me.

    The core i3 6006U is capable of so much but held back by the hard-drive and terribly sluggish windows 10.. I prefer using linux…….

  3. Thank u so much! I bought my pc yesterday and I thought it came damaged because it's pretty slow! And also many times in the beggining when I powered it on, the screen were just black about 9 minutes after login!

  4. It’s not spill resistant though because the board is directly underneath the keyboard and no cover so their advertising is false

  5. Windows is slow as shit, that is why more people installing Linux. If you install Linux Fedora and buy 128gb ssd, this laptop will fly like a rocket 🚀

  6. I have a 3567. I had to replace the power harness myself after 4 months because it broke and Dell wouldn't support it. DO NOT BUY DELL.

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