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New Bar For ITS Head

29 thoughts on “New Bar For ITS Head

  1. Very nice machining. Can you please tell me what type of small chuck you are holding in a big chuck. And could you please tell me the brand of the chuck where i can buy it

  2. Nice vid. I have to wear informal hobby machinist hat sometimes, so I know just enough to realize how hard it must be to be at the pinnacle of your trade. Making 1 off tools to optimize some other process is impressive evidence of that! Something i can not get my head wrapped around is how that threading mill can work. I (we rooks?) Would love an entry level video on all the motion and geometry happening there… How a radial cutting surface spinning at those rpms can turn out a pitched groove is beyond me! (currently)… Thanks!

  3. That will come in very handy for other jobs too. If it where solid carbide you could probly go even longer. Ever since you pointed out you can get custom micro grain blanks for stuff I've been day dreaming more about what I would have made outta it… haha love your video's peter thanks for all your efforts

  4. I'm sure most people would have made a request to get a tool made by the manufacturer. See the price, scoff, walk away and figure something else out with a more catalog tool ready to order. You're like: "I'm a seasoned machinist, I know what the fuck I'm doing, I can figure this out." Great video. 🙂

    Some places may not even allow a programmer to go this far, even if they want to. Just 'make it work', and program with available standardized cheaper tools.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Honestly, you are the most skilled, talented, considered, thoughtful, efficient and clever CNC machinist I have ever seen. It's a pleasure to be able to watch you work, so thanks for taking the time to make the videos.

  6. If you had to guess without videoing how long from cad design to finish part, do you think it took to make that bar?

  7. 41° per side ??? — I think that Brian Bob nailed the reason , at 41 ° per side would maximize the clamping pressure , your push would be clamping at 90° to the slide — PS Excellent Video .

  8. Ever thought about getting a smaller Integrex just for tooling? Some of the smaller ones have a more rigid head than this big one.

  9. Appreciate the video. Would love to have the option of making such nice tools in my workplace. Out of curiosity, how many hours did this job take you? Cheers

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