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New 2017 Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming AMD Powered Laptop Review

Buy it at Dell – (affiliate link) – Or buy mine here: – Dell’s new AMD powered gaming laptop starts at $650 but it price overlaps with their higher powered Inspiron 7000 machine with certain configurations. See more gaming laptops: and subscribe!

00:52 – Hardware overview
00:54 – Pricing and recommendations
01:44 – Hardware specifications
02:06 – Display quality
02:24 – Keyboard and trackpad
02:34 – RAM, storage and upgrading
02:57 – Ports and connectors
03:13 – Overall size and weight
03:27 – Battery life
04:20 – YouTube / Netflix video playback performance
04:43 – General web browsing performance
05:03 – Speedometer web benchmark
05:35 – Microsoft Word / Office performance
05:55 – Gaming: GTA (Grand Theft Auto) V
06:05 – Video driver issues
07:49 – Gaming: Doom
08:20 – Gaming: Rocket League
09:00 – 3DMark Timespy Benchmark
09:30 – 3DMark Cloudgate Benchmark
10:14 – Kodi / HEVC / BluRay MKV video
11:17 – Thermal performance
11:46 – Conclusion and final thoughts

Dell’s SKUs are a little out of control these days. The Inspiron 5000 has configurations that are similar to the 7000 and there’s a lot of cost overlap. Additionally Dell offers some AMD configurations on the 5000 line that we’re reviewing here.

The unit I’m looking at today costs $799, the same price as the 7000 with an Intel i5 quad core Kaby Lake CPU and Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU. At that price the 7000 is the better computer.

But the AMD 5000 starts at $650 with the same RX 460 GPU and a slightly slower processor. That’s not a bad price for what you’re getting on the GPU side and worth considering.

That said the displays on both the 5000’s and 7000’s aren’t that great this year. If you are really crunched for cash these will deliver performance at a good price, but spending a little more with a competing brand might get you a nicer display and possibly a faster GPU (such as as the Lenogo Y720 Legion :

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44 thoughts on “New 2017 Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming AMD Powered Laptop Review

  1. Thanks for the video and experience, Actually I have this laptop and I am having bad gaming experience. I am just wondering, is it possible to upgrade it with a better faster processor, if yes, what would you recommend to be fully compatible with its specs?

  2. Dell should only sell this version with a Linux distro using the latest Linux graphics components, which Ubuntu 17.04 does not have. Actually none of the stable ( or LTS ) major distros yet have the needed components. You still have to have some Linux skills to even get it set up. The good news is that certainly within a year from now, it will be far easier to get a good Linux distro working on this without, being a total computer nerd. But by then, Google will have a Fuchsia OS alpha available.

  3. hello . please help me .. i am getting this one for 525 . is it any good ? i can spend max at 550 . thanks in advance

  4. What would you guys do to make this laptop the best it could possibly be? I bought this on sale and I use it for music production no problems really but I'm curious to know how to make it better.

  5. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY PC ICANT EVEN RUN GTA 5 AT THE LOWEST SETTINGS HOW Is there something wrong with my pc :/

  6. this laptop was such a disappointment for me. My old 7 years old samsung laptop was even working in the same speed with this. Returned this back after 2 days.

  7. I'm just looking for an all-AMD machine with a 10-key that isn't built by HP. I'm looking in the $600-850 price range… Is this the most competent laptop available?

  8. My drivers was fd up whn I got the laptop and had to reinstall them. Its slow, batt life is very poor. Took 2 days to update. Rawr. Dont buy. Not for me, got my money back.

  9. This laptop has INCREDIBLE ventillation. It cannot be overstated how great the fans and ventilation are on this laptop. I have the one with the nvidia gtx 1050 4gb version. The ventillation is so exceptional that i was able to overclock the gpu nearly 500mhz without overheating or losing stability. Msi afterburner is registering 1.92 ghz on the gpu which is just absurd considering its a laptop and you cant ussually OC them that high.

  10. get the 15 5667 better since it has an i7 turbo boosting always at 3.45ghz 16gb 2400mhz ram and 4gb on an amd chip i think it was the r7 m445 and 250gb ssd backlit and just faster maybe same performance on gpu tasks but on cpu it just kills it and this laptop doesnt look gamery and has a back lit and i got mine for 600$ and it was awesome

  11. Thanks for the video dude. I just ordered one of these today. I liked the look of the AMD over the Inspiron 15 7000. Hope it serves me well.

  12. ANYONE INTERESTED IN THESE: Today has been my first day with one, i went with a configuration that has an intel i7 and a 1050 NVIDIA, and ive been seeing great results so far. Video runs amazingly and everything works great, only problem im having is that idk if its just mine or the computer in general but the speaker is garbage. Will not listen to anything without headphones because everything as far as audio goes is so low quality its terrifying. If your looking for something good in performance, this is pretty good for this price point. I wrote this comment on mine 🙂

  13. got the one with the rx 560 4gb instead… what's up with its drivers? I go to device manager and update but it says windows has encountered an error and disables the gpu

  14. i am also having driver issue. in gta 5 witcher 3 and ghost recon wildlands i could hardly get 30 fps…. is there any way to solve this problem???? also i lost my real dvd driver…. i installed it from amd site and dell site too but still no changes…..

  15. I'm on dell website checking this laptop, but it's not AMD at all, and I'm here thinking that this review was based on, 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-7300HQ Quad Core. Cause that's what the Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming, has on the Dell webpage.

  16. Just bought this laptop, why does it run like shit? I can barely get 30 fps on games like Depth or The Forest. I have all drivers installed.

  17. After several months with it, it's relatively awful. Go with similarly priced Acer with GT150 (mobile GT 1030) or like he says, invest a bit more to get the i5/GTX 1050 of the same computer. I regret the $150 dollars I saved, since nithing on laptops can be changed.

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