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Nestle Paid Me $5000 To Make This Video: Aero Bar Review. [Sir Sebastian]

Well folks, it finally happened! I’m happy to announce that I’ve gotten my first ever sponsor, the beautiful company Nestle!

Nestle is known for making some of the best chocolate and food treats on the planet and we’ve been so fortunate to have them join us today for their Aero bar. This is really something special!

I wanted to share this wonderful product with you all and hopefully show you what the wonderful world of Nestle looks like!

Music: Pat D & Lady Paradox – I Wanna Feel Days.


#nestle #aerobar #foodreview

oh btw, nestle did not actually pay me for this lol.


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26 thoughts on “Nestle Paid Me $5000 To Make This Video: Aero Bar Review. [Sir Sebastian]

  1. Wow guys, can you believe how gernous Nestle was!

    Everybody tell your favorite #nestle story in the comments! 😀

  2. My favourite #nestle story was when they tricked women into thinking their breast milk wasn’t nutritionally complete in order to sell more bottled water and formula.

  3. Bros is a chocolate with bubbles. Bros was made in 1985 by Bensdorp in Bussum NH The Netherlands. Bensdorp was acquired by Unilever, but the brand Bros and special productieïnstallatie were sold to the British Rowntree Mackintosh, which was taken over in 1988 by the Swiss Nestle. Since selling the Bros Bar was produced by Bensdorp in the candy bar factory of Nestlé in Elst (Gelderland ,the Netherlands).
    In May 2007 the production of the original Dutch Bros. bar was discontinued in Elst and production was moved to the Czech Republic. As a different production method is used, the same as is used for Aero bars. Also, the shape and structure changed hereby. The air bubbles or pockets were getting smaller and smoother and break lines disappeared. In 2011, Nestlé introduced a chocolate bar Bros. This is a less airy chocolate bar.
    Production (originally), [processing]

    Chocolate is injected into pre-heated Bros-forms. The Bros forms should not be cold, because the chocolate will solidify before all the bubbles in it. The Bros-forms are cooled together with plates inserted into a vessel of a carousel with steel tanks, where the air is pumped out. Through this evacuating bubbles form the desired structure. By cooling is maintained that structure.

  4. I prefer mint aero but yeah, they're not a great company. Pretty difficult to avoid since they own so many companies though

  5. $5000 to eat chocolate.. damn

    They didn't even send the best one. The mint one

    Oh NVM you was joking about getting paid? So did they just send you the chocolate bar to try? Not even all the flavours and the small bar too lol

  6. Holy frig. Sebastian really is back! 2 videos, that's gotta confirm it. Come here, you beautiful stallion!

  7. Before reading the description: Oh wow! This is great news Sir Sebastian, congratulations!

    After reading the description: … you played me like a damn fiddle. But I forgive you <3

  8. The front of the chocolate bar looks to me like tesselated ass cheeks. They are catering to a very specific market with these.

  9. #Nestle sold my Mother, daughter and sister methamphetamine and now they are all in hospital. 🙁

    Also, they killed my father in ‘Nam.

  10. You really seem to be shaking a lot in this video Sebastian, are Nestle holding your family hostage again???! Neigh once for yes, twice for no.

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