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Nathan Carter – Temple Bar

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31 thoughts on “Nathan Carter – Temple Bar

  1. I'm an American of mixed but mostly Irish descent and I recently spent an unintentional week in Dublin.

    I have to say, this song captures the live music feel of the Temple Bar area where we spent much of our time.

    Our Story:
    My girlfriend and I were on our way to Venice for a Greek Island cruise and we had a layover in Ireland. My girlfriend's passport disappeared, or was lost, or was stolen while in flight. So when we arrived in Venice, boarder security wouldn't let her into Italy. We were stuck between countries and could not go to the U.S. embassy to resolve our situation. Italian Security detained her for 18 hours, then deported her back to Ireland, the last country she showed her passport.

    Fortunately, Ireland let us in (on temporary probationary status). Now, Finally, we could go to the U.S. Embassy. It took some effort, but we straightened out her passport situation!

    Unfortunately, by this point, we had missed our cruise and had nowhere to stay. We decided to make the best of our situation and enjoy Ireland. I have to say I TRULY LOVE IRELAND. this was my second visit and I have come to love Dublin and all the wonderful and understanding people we met there. I particularly love the dark, Irish sense of humor. Its probably the result of coping with an often bleak and troubled past, but given our situation, I found it appropriate and thoroughly amusing. At our direst, when we weren't sure if we would even be able to fly home, an old Irish man joked with us and made me burst out laughing (Just one example of many!). I'm literally tearing up a little as I type this, with both joy and a fond sadness.

    The way we were welcomed, the acceptance we felt, I now feel like Ireland has become my second home and this song brings all those memories to the surface. So, Thank you for the memories!

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