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( MUST SEE ) Bath Police Arrested After Bar Fight – Full Video!!

( MUST SEE ) Bath Police Arrested After Bar Fight – Full Video!! Bath Police Officers arrested and now charged after bar fight in Grand Rapids! Cops gone wild in Michigan!

Will Michigan CPL permits be revoked?

Freedom News Now – First Amendment Audits – Promotes transparency and accountability in public officials. We have no interest or intention in breaking any law. We stand strong for freedom and the constitution, and do so in a responsible and professional manner. It is our goal to create free and open discussion whenever possible in an effort to educate those willing to learn. Our rights and freedoms for filming have been challenged more times than we can remember. Public photography is not a crime. We believe First Amendment education has the power to effect real change in America. Freedom News Now is committed to stand strong for our constitutional right to free press and the freedom to film in public.


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This video is for news and educational purposes only.

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33 thoughts on “( MUST SEE ) Bath Police Arrested After Bar Fight – Full Video!!

  1. 😂 getting a taste of there own medicine, looks like these people were continuously trying to defuse the situation.

  2. Do you know my captain in Texas law enforcement there at the sheriff's Stanford Prison Experiment would brag about his felony taking his firearm into a bar. I called him John Wayne wannabe. My firearms instructors took me to my first strip club experience. Cops love booze and bars. By the way did you know scientists have discovered alcohol impairs a person's long-term ability for empathy and insight.

  3. we saw these 2 kissing and necking and nipple licking each other….these fruits have been having an affair together, on our dime…fire these 2 morons, they are more concerned about getting a spit shine on the Taint than they are about LAWS.

  4. Without their guns and badges that's what happens to them punk motherfukers they are a bunch of pussies without that gun in that badge I love seeing cops get their ass kicked

  5. Look for these two to be wearing Allied Universal Security uniforms in the coming weeks. All that time spent in college, all those long hard days of PT, studying, practicals, testing, money and evaluations in the police academy all down the drain. Congratulations fellas!!

  6. “Statism: The brilliant idea that we give a small group of people the AUTHORITY to kidnap, steal from, and kill us, so that we can be ‘PROTECTED’ from people who kidnap, steal from, and kill us.”

  7. Clearly the patrons feared for their lives, But unlike (wimpy LEO'S) they didn't give them a dose or 10 of lead poisoning, rather a good'ol knockdown slobberknocker.

  8. They need to be FIRED. But the System protects such Criminals. If it were any other Civilians doing this, there would have been a dozen other Charges added.

  9. paid leave? is that similar to a paid vacation?? ….for attacking a bunch of people? it's almost like this kind of behavior is rewarded or something hmmmmmmm

  10. Gotta love video of heifers fighting over losers but in this case it's two #BlueISIS losers

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