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Minecraft 1.13 | ALL Trident Enchantments EXPLAINED! (Update Aquatic)

A new weapon was added recently to Minecraft via Snapshot 18w07a. The weapon that was added is called the Trident. The trident is a powerful weapon that can be used as a melee weapon but you are also able to throw it. Along with the trident came 4 new enchantments exclusive to the weapon. I’m using Snapshot 18w07c and in this video, I’m going to show you exactly what every single enchantment can do. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy the video!


Enchantments that were added to Snapshot 18w07a/Snapshot 18w07b/Snapshot 18w07c:

– Loyalty (Maxes out at Level 3)
– Impaling (Maxes out at Level 5)
– Riptide (Maxes out at Level 3)
– Channeling


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47 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.13 | ALL Trident Enchantments EXPLAINED! (Update Aquatic)

  1. The current snapshot (Snapshot 18w14a) no longer allows Riptide to be compatible with Loyalty or Channeling… 🙁

    Here's my Snapshot review if anyone is interested –

  2. Thing I want with the enchantment

    1. I wish the channeling you can call the thunder storm
    2. I wish there is a enchantment book where when you hold the trident 🔱 you can breathe under water

  3. If you have impaling 2 the trident will do a little over half health of damage to a zombie so you can kill one in only 2 hits. However, even better, if you upgrade it to impaling 3, it will do all but half a heart of damage to a zombie, so you can kill it in only 2 hits.

  4. ssundee tridend plus channeling it will make ligthning make shure its thunder storm and loyalty will make trident back to you

  5. Guys I got a book from fishing with feather falling 4 impaling 4 and aqua affinity 1 should I put it on boots or trident?

  6. TheVirtualBomb: ops my bad I crashed an egg Im sorry
    Also thevirtualBomb: Crashed another Turtle Egg without any Reason

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