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Make a Radial Bar Graph in Adobe Illustrator keeping data live

Continuing on from the movie on making a doughnut chart, this movie shows how to make a radial bar graph in Illustrator.
Illustrator has some great graph tools but as they were conceived quite a way back they often “need a little help” especially with presenting data in more modern ways. This movie shows how to make a radial bar chart and keep the data live.
Note: at around 6:06, when I’m describing the size difference between the polar grid and the chart, I’m actually referring to the way that the chart is drawn, not the grid.


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24 thoughts on “Make a Radial Bar Graph in Adobe Illustrator keeping data live

  1. When I adjust the outside bar through your layer method the outside stroke comes back. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  2. I love how you say, before you dive off and do the other two… haha already did it, you predicted it and it just made me laugh

  3. Hi ! i love your instructions and it is really clear but for some reason when I do the clipping mask step, the outer line disappears leaving me with only the pie chart. What have a done wrong? Thank you

  4. Thank you for this! You made it so easy to digest, right down to the bit where you said, "bear with me a little longer as I'm going to show you so important info".

  5. Hey there, I really appreciated your tutorial – I'm quite new at graphic design! There is just one thing I wanted to ask you: when ungrouping the polar grid tool, the best possibility I reach is "compound group" and it won't divide in any other section. If I try to go inside the inner level to select the circles one by one, they are still connected. Do you think you can suggest me another solution? Thank you so much!

  6. Accessing your fantastic tutorials here and on Thank you for making my transition from CorelDRAW to Illustrator easier than expected.

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