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MACHINE HEAD Live In The K! Pit (Tiny Dive Bar Show)

Machine Head played The K! Pit in association with Rizla at Blondies, our favourite East London dive bar. They were scheduled to perform for 30 minutes; they ended up performing for over an hour. Check out their set, which includes classics from Burn My Eyes, and covers of songs by Black Sabbath, White Zombie, Sepultura, Nirvana, and more!

Blood For Blood
A Thousand Lies
The Rage To Overcome
Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)
Thunderkiss ‘65 (White Zombie cover)
Territory (Sepultura cover)
Roots (Sepultura cover)
Angry Chair (Alice In Chains cover)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)
A Lesson In Violence (Exodus cover)
Death Church
Fuck It All


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26 thoughts on “MACHINE HEAD Live In The K! Pit (Tiny Dive Bar Show)

  1. Weird seeing them play in front of a small crowd….but I just love how happy they all look reuniteing so glad they're back with the original members even tho adam duce ain't here and jared isn't apart of that era but he still kicks ass glad they are back for the 25th anniversary for BME

  2. I enjoyed this so fucking much. It would be the dumbest thing ever, but I'd pay good money to see an entire Machine Head covers set. Super jealous of this crowd!

  3. Great Drummers make great bands. I dont need the cool guy stuff from Rob, but Kontos in my view recorded some of the best drums in metal. And he brings it live, after all these years. Killer!

  4. Fucking classic performance. Really this is one of the best metal performances of all time and I think time will prove that. To be in that bar and part of that energy would have been a privilege. The production team at Kerrang is amazing. They capture what it's like to be part of live performances in a small space like no one else.

  5. I had just commented last week on the Refused K! Pit how these intimate K! Pit sessions are better served if the band does something special or unique for their set, like a setlist full of their classic songs, or songs they don't play often, or like Mastodon did with Scott Kelly… instead of just doing a typical set with a bunch of new songs that just comes off as promoting a new album.
    Then Machine Head come along and show them how it's done by doing a Burn My Eyes and cover set… great move.

    Wish Rob would shut up when he's not singing though.

  6. Love the band but Robb really needs to stop talking through the songs.. Especially the "circle pit" thing the whole time. P.s moshpits are more fun… Hehe.

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