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Lil Billy eats the World’s HOTTEST Chocolate Bar

27 thoughts on “Lil Billy eats the World’s HOTTEST Chocolate Bar

  1. I'm so sharing this with my chase the heat group this is funny there is nuttn ya can do to get rid of the heat at that level.

  2. Can a person imagine what his quite time on the throne next morn'in had in store for him? Gonna bet full on scorcher, pray'in for that perfect dedicated splash.

  3. You had my 5yr old laughing so hard he fell off the bed. A tip to remember, sugar or ketchup, and milk will help with the burn.

  4. I feel your pain, my friend brought a couple of those bars to work and had me eat one with him. It was hot af and the heat stayed for almost 45 minutes after I was done eating it. It was pretty tasty though.

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