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LG SL9YG Sound Bar – Painfully Honest Review | Dolby Atmos Soundbar 2019

This is a review of the LG SL9YG Soundbar.

Disclosure: LG sent this product free for review. Amazon Affiliate links earn me a commission if you purchase using those links.

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24 thoughts on “LG SL9YG Sound Bar – Painfully Honest Review | Dolby Atmos Soundbar 2019

  1. The greatest advantage a discussion against oneself has is one always wins.
    I practice it on a daily basis to mantain my ego in good shape. 😁
    (Very interesting review, Joe!).

  2. Good stuff Joe, btw it looks like Shane has a face of pain sometimes when he is live sipping on his flavored beers lol.

  3. – Power source / plug box behind TV to avoid visible cable spaghetti.
    – Screws not included!
    – Any included HDMI cable would be basic anyway.
    – tile/wood flooring rather than carpet (shagpile) for better ATMOS(phere)?😉.

  4. You lost me a $1000. For a sound bar?!?! Keep on keepin' though Joe. Good honest evaluation review.
    Embrace the pain! It builds character.

  5. Agreed.. I found this bar inferior to the SL10. Didn't like it much at all. I heard a Harman Kardon Enchant 1300 on the same day and the HK sounded much more musical and dynamic. Even if the HK bass seems overkill to me, at least it was exciting.

  6. Welcome to "hide the pain"-JoeNTell 😁

    Hope you will never have kidney stones again and be well!

    Greetings from Germany!

  7. first off kudos on the bloodsport shirt, second nice review, IMO soundbars are great for wanting to get better sound than what comes from the tv alone, but expectations need to be tempered when thinking they can replace a true HT with separate speakers and such. enjoy your channel and nice video editing!

  8. Great vid! Loved the in your head twin soundbar discussion:) Glad u okay after trip to ER for kidney stone. Major kudos on the Bloodsport tshirt 2! 🙂

  9. lol at hungry caterpillar and Elmo just lying around casually.
    Drywall screws? I would have just put it on the center console.
    I can't 'do' soundbars. i use a bluetooth speaker for my computer, I don't really care about stereo. If I want good sound I will pick up one of my many pairs of headphones. For the "viewing" room, though… It's so cheap to get a reasonable 5.1 setup. In my case 4.1. I go absolutely overboard on the front speakers. They are everything. If you have good front speakers you don't need a centre. The rest can be much less expensive and just add to your experience when watching movies, or when guests are over and you want a more ambient sound.
    Having said that, the quality coming out of the latest stuff is really amazing. DSP has allowed incredible sound from a tiny thin bar, as Bose pioneered back in the day, but DSP was still not so great quality back then. These days the frequency at which DSP does the magic means even audiophiles are struggling to complain about the quality produced lol.

  10. With the quality of modern speakers and the decency of the used market there is no reason to have a soundbar today (unless you REALLY don't have space)

  11. I’m absolutely a speaker guy but i’ve listened to maybe 60% of soundbars in the past two years including this one due to my job. And i agree with your opinion. On the contrary, i’ve had customers being wow’ed by this and some other bars (sony z9f, lg sl8y, samsung q80r, jbl 5.1 etc) due to their lack of experience, while those bars just hurt my ears and make me cringe. The people buying these bars will probably go nuts over the “atmos” sound😂

  12. Hello, you are right soundbars are too expensive, I had a soundbar for 4 years and iam done with it, just up graded to a 5.2 speaker system, 5 speakers, 2 subwoofers, av receiver 140watts per channel, 4k Dolby vision, speaker stands, 2 subwoofer cables, 100feet speaker wire, plus two year warranty for 700 dollars! This system will beat any high end soundbar! Denon receiver, polk audio speakers, polk audio subwoofer, elac debut 8 inch powered subwoofer. All this for 700 dollars. Thanks for your review! Peace be with you my brother!

  13. interesting review as i tried the LG SK1D and i found it had the very same issue with the sound, it was like it had a bad chesty cough. something wrong in the midrange. i never kept it, now i use my stereo set up for tv sound as i found it is better sound then soundbars. also more easy to live with and i have a filipina wife and they tend to be very house proud and clutter free, i do not know if American woman are the same. loved the talking to yourself part. different and informative.

  14. Great review again! My only suggestion is for your reviews, can you start to include a frequency response chart? Otherwise, great stuff like always!

  15. Ha, ha you look great in your videos! Always come across as authoritative and informed, along with a relaxed and friendly feel…That is hard to do if it's not natural. Great stuff.

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