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Lenovo Y540 – Pick the Right Gaming Laptop!

Dave2D review of the Lenovo Legion Y540 and Y545 gaming laptops. These are the best gaming laptops from Lenovo for inexpensive portable gaming, but only one of them is worth getting.
Legion Y540 –

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31 thoughts on “Lenovo Y540 – Pick the Right Gaming Laptop!

  1. Can confirm about the hinge…. had a previous generation of the Y and the screen just detached after 1.5 year…. i got it fixed, then 1 year later it broke appart once more… now i'm due to buy a new one, lenovo was not on my list anymore… fool me once 😉

  2. Your link to the Legion 540 is to the one with the 60hz screen it seems. If I get this I'm going to want to get the one with the 144hz, but I'd want to make sure I was getting the right one. Can anyone help with a proper Amazon link?

  3. What would you recommend helios 300 or legion y540 considering the ambient temperature is 35C.Also i am a programmer and a gamer.

  4. Its the y540 worth now 1000$ on deal with gtx 1660ti 16gb dual channel and 144Hz 512GB ssd mnve deal on Walmart

  5. Lenovo India is really stupid in pricing there y740 rtx 2060 here in India, the price difference between the y540 and y740 rtx 2060 is around $400, while the the MSI ge63 with rtx 2070 is just $150 more than the y740. Anyone willing to push for the y740 will prefer the ge63, so Lenovo needs to drop the price.

  6. I'm using it since last 1yr. This is worst quality laptop I've ever used. Don't buy any laptop from lenovo go for other brand if u really want value for money…..✌️✌️✌️

  7. Great video! Answered many questions I had and discussed key things that other reviews won't even consider discussing. Excellent comparison and buying recommendations based on budget. Picking up the Y740, btw. Black Friday deals are insane!

  8. You mention this is 250 nits however this is advertised as being 300 nits on the Lenovo website spec sheet. You can even see it on your video at 5:08

  9. We all may not know that there's a keyboard inside. But we all know…
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