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Lenovo Legion Y740 Review // True RTX Performance!

The Legion Y740 gives REAL RTX gaming performance with a RTX 2070 Max-Q accompanied by a 144Hz G-Sync display, Intel i7 and 16GB RAM. Everything else is just bonus!

Check out the Legion Y740:


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43 thoughts on “Lenovo Legion Y740 Review // True RTX Performance!

  1. After this laptop, I'm even more excited to get in even MORE RTX equipped laptops! Also, a link to the wallpaper is in the description 👍🏻

  2. Kudos to you Mr. Busch. I'm new to your channel as I was looking for a review of the y740 which I've had in my cart for about two weeks, and just pulled the trigger on. I really appreciated your no nonsense quick-and-to-the-point review. Lenovo had this laptop on a great sale, which combined with the veteran discount I saved about $700. Your review was great, I felt like I was hearing from a friend what I could expect from this laptop. Thank you for what you do, and keep up the great work.

  3. That was a good review covering most important for me features. I am was trying to decide between Dell's G7 and Legion Y740. Unfortunately Dell is behind and hasn't put out 2080 Max-Q in Europe yet and my Lenovo Ideapad (Legion predecessor) is breaking apart, WiFi dieing occasionally, touchpad is dead. Great that you pointed out keyboard layout, which assured me, I should wait for new Dell's line hitting the European market. Such a fucked up keyboard layout should just not happen.

  4. Lenovo updated legion y740 with 9th gen intel , 500nits display ,better color accuracy and solved the backlight bleeding issue. Do you know if this is true about the display?

  5. usualy i dont comment or follow, but i have to do both here haha… funny, dynamic review bloody hell mate! …. how did you find the screen? is it bright enough? got experiences with those antireflex etc screens that they are pretty dim and rgb is not correct tho…

  6. Currently saving up for it right now. Well any laptop for that matter but from what I’ve heard this is good. And do you think it can run VR?

  7. i wanted a y740, couldnt find it and bought msi gs65… out of the box the shit throttles even at gaming it hits almost 100.. to change the paste it took me an hour to flip the board over and back in the goddamn thing. but after that its solid. just go for the 740 if u dont feel like dicking around ur laptop for 2 hours with undervolting and changing paste just to make it usable.

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