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Learn English With Harry Potter

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Well I’m excited to finally bring you a lesson where you can learn English with Harry Potter! This features an iconic scene from the first movie where Ron, Harry, and Hermione meet for the first time on the Hogwarts Express. This lesson is perfect for you to learn how to be polite in English and have a successful first conversation with someone, and of course, to practice the British accent.

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45 thoughts on “Learn English With Harry Potter

  1. oh pal you encourage me to look over the firt part of harry potter again haha thsc a lot (ps:i'm using "sc" instead of using the right letter that's becus of my keybord it doesn't work properly lol)

  2. Wicked! I get learn more English! Your teach fun a lot, I am found channel can help me about English, I will follow you!!! Thanks!!!

  3. i go to this channel by harry potter. your video is so useful for me. i really love harry potter, so i hope that you will make more video about harry potter

  4. please talk slowly. you r talking about all video and you r the host u have to talk slowly we need to know what is in the video. you are talking too fast that's why missing lots of words.

  5. HI! this is the first movie I watched. I liked it and I want to tell you that your chanel is the best!!!

  6. Please make a learning english video on horror movies,like- ANNABELLE COMES HOME or CONJURING or PET SEMATARY. Cause i like horror movies.

  7. I READ THE ALL STORY bifofoe movii!s、、with my sun . So, many conversation about potter and story, it was happy time . I* m japanese, i wan t to speak english. This is very usefull. And fun to me. My english might wong . But ok im not afraid . Its important, use it ,say it, i think

  8. i think british accent is so hard to understand if you are not so good at listening or if you are used to listen to the american accent , some words are pronounced different and at least in my case i confuse them with others for example this "see" 12:45 sounds like "say"

  9. Turn the yougurt into butter milk
    Turn the hair's into brown
    Turn the winter to summer
    Would you mind if i comment here
    M all set

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