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Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu OVA 1

33 thoughts on “Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu OVA 1

  1. P sure this was made for those who read the manga, like a special bonus for them, not for people who haven’t read it

  2. I just finished the manga and I actually thought kyouta has a blonde or black hair…☺️ But he's still handsome…

  3. I absolutely love the manga, I'm always re-reading it. I honestly hope that one day it would get an full anime adaptation from beginning to end, I would love to see it all animated

  4. I STILL WANT THIS TO BE A FULL ANIME SERIES! 😭😭😭 also now since the manga is actually finished‘!!

  5. I want an anime with i relationship like this where the girl is not a little pu$$y and all delicate there's a couple mangas they could probably make him to some good animes were the girls not all oh my gosh my first kiss wine wine wine

  6. Guys, remember it's an OVA, not an anime series. This materials is meant to be watched besides the manga just like a drama CD.

  7. God.. I love This manga soooo much. They've been through lots of bad and good thing. So glad They found their Happy Ending

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