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Krakow Grocery Shopping + Polish Milk Bar

Our Poland adventure continues in Krakow and the first place we visit is our neighbourhood milk bar. You really MUST eat at a milk bar when visiting Poland. A milk bar is left over from Poland’s communist days when the government subsidized the food to allow people to afford a meal out. Today it’s a no frills, self-serve, authentic place to find traditional Polish food at an extremely affordable place. Truth be told, milk bars are our favourite places to eat when in Poland. When we’re full of delicious pierogi, we hit the grocery store to fill up the fridge in our Airbnb. Biedronka is a grocery chain you find across Poland – look for the cute little ladybug symbol. We always visit the grocery store when travelling, even just to look around. We walk into Krakow’s Old Town to get a first impression of the city and come across a charming market. For dinner we head to Sticky Fingers and find pizza that’s a metre long.

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🥛Bar Mleczny Krakus (milk bar):


🍕Sticky Fingers:



🏰Torún Medieval Pearl of Poland:

🛀Good Vibes Off the Tourist Track in Bydgoszcz:

🚋Poland’s Great Comeback City:

🔥Warsaw Rising Europe’s Next Cool Capital:

🎶Chopin’s Warsaw:

🎹Warsaw Highs and Lows:

🌳Warsaw First Impressions:

💰How Much to Stay in Poland:

🤤What I Ate in Poland:

🎨Poland’s Most Artistic City:

🎄Christmas Market in Wrocław, Poland:

🎅Best Christmas Markets in Europe:



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31 thoughts on “Krakow Grocery Shopping + Polish Milk Bar

  1. Love the. Bar. That was an awesome pizza. Looks like such a fun place. Pretty cool bridge as well. Loved the ideo. Good work.

  2. That was so much fun joining you on your first day in Krakow! I loved the grocery shopping and the beautiful bridge/art installation was brilliant! Finally, a pizza that will feed our family. I hope you brought a doggy bag with you! 🙂

  3. Ok did you guys you finish that meter long pizza? I'm assuming no 🙂 I sure don't want this Polish series to be finished! Hehe that shopping cart looked like a laundry basket on wheels…but indeed it's cute! Just like you two! Your laugh is adorably contagious 🙂 Couldn't help but giggle with you when you opened the wrong door at the supermarket. Happens to the best of us 🙂

  4. Apartment is beautiful! Love the bridge and art. Just awesome. Grocery shopping is one of the "local" things I love to do. So interesting. Where next??

  5. You are a lovely couple and thank you for sharing with us interesting sites in Poland. Marc just a minor reminder about men eating in Poland without the hat on. Thank you again and waiting for next one.

  6. Awesome video! Love trips to the grocery store. It would have been fun to try those packaged hamburgers and hot dogs haha.

  7. When Poland 🇵🇱 was so called communist country such cheap bars were extremely popular. Most of the menu did not change but prices were much much lower comparing to anything/ £$, wages etc. Sometimes l visit these places to feel a hint of my childhood. Thank you so much for exploring my hometown. Enjoy 😊 your stay in Kraków.👍

  8. You guys are an absolute delight!!! Love your energy:) If you want a real Krakow experience go to a restaurant “Chimera” ! It’s hard to find but I’m sure you will love it!

  9. 0h my , you definitely have eaten your share of pierogis while in Poland .You can be an expert on pierogi by now , I do love pierogis too . You crack me up specially when you went to biedronka . The only thing I wish is that you could have bought dinner rolls and bread from regular bakery , Poland have awsome bread but you have to buy it at the bakery not at Biedronka Auchan , Lidl ,etc. because it’s not good it’s cheap but not good. Oh ,well maybe next time . I bake my own bread here in the US, but when in Poland I enjoy buying from the bakery.The roof of the biedronka is great you can pull-up a chair and watch people shopping and my husband would just love your Bnb with that pool table. Have fun and I’m looking forward to more vlogs from your travels 😘

  10. Looks like a really fun day. The bar at the end was really cool, couldn’t believe the size of the pizza! Would do well to eat half of that. Names of the pizzas looked interesting. The bridge looked impressive, liked the way it was lit at night. Look forward to seeing more of your time in Krakow.

  11. Id you're in Krakow for a few days you have to go to to restaurant called "Morskie oko" is near to main square and the forniture is like a typical polish home in the Tatra mountains. Enjoy your stay in this amazing city!!!

  12. If you want to experience proper Xmas then there's no other city like Wroclaw to visit during that time. Just look it up on YouTube how the old town look like at the end of the year. Plenty of stands full of food mulled wine and great spirit 😉

  13. That was fun! Awesome bridge. Restaurant was cool with its musical theme. That pizza could feed an army. Yikes 👀! Air B&B is certainly one of a kind 🎱! Enjoy! 💑

    Oh, the grocery carts. They are space savers, however would be aweful for bad backs and old folks, bending over. Could have given Marc a ride in one. He probably would have loved it 😁

  14. Poland looks definitely like an interesting travel destination! It’s just the food which is holding me back to go there… 😬

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