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Korea Night Live ,Go To Bar And Lamb Mukbang

45 thoughts on “Korea Night Live ,Go To Bar And Lamb Mukbang

  1. I thought he will end the video at the ping pong club . Hahhahahahahaha i dead the enter the room 😂 . Nice jokes pingpong club 😂😂

  2. When hikikomori (febby) trying to go outside buying stuff and act like outgoing person and realized that he just fuck up hahahahahahha

  3. Febby : Where is toilet?

    Guy : *point left

    Febby : Ah *nod

    Febby : Turn right into phase boots, and shadowblade.

  4. Thanks for upload this to youtube, I can't watch the stream because internet issue. I'm so happt you choose my vote for ping pong bar 😂

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