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Klondike Bar Contest Entry

15 thoughts on “Klondike Bar Contest Entry

  1. Excellent stuff. I'm particular impressed with the sense of mass and flesh you get in the mouth shapes – it really helps make this economic style of animation work convincingly. Not to mention you convincingly have the mouth go from being a a part of the muzzle to the side of the mouth in the last shot – and its totally believable.

  2. This is superduper, I saw bits of the song at That Guy With The Glasses and just love it.
    Really, REALLy an excellent work.

  3. AWESOME!! Now I'M excited to exist for a Klondike bar! 😀 I can't believe this didn't win! If I was one of the judges, I'd pick this one as the winner! Also, the singing voice sounds sort of like Weird Al Yankovic (in a good way!)! Just out of curiosity, is it you singing?

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