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Kitchen Remodel: Part 15: Breakfast Bar – Part B

I have built the bar top of the breakfast bar. It is made from khaya, a type of mahogany. The design idea for the bar is that the top surface wraps vertically at the end of the cabinetry, forming a miter at the transition. The grain runs continuously around the corner. To get the width and thickness I needed, I glued smaller pieces together. The bar top is 17.75 inches wide, 10 feet long, and 1.5 inches thick.

Kitchen Remodel: Part 15: Breakfast Bar – Part A

Kitchen Remodel: Part 1 – introduction

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27 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel: Part 15: Breakfast Bar – Part B

  1. Frank! Thanks for being human!! Wood is so replaceable/repairable. Fingers and parts of hands are not. By the grace of God, I can still pick my nose with the best of them!! 🙂 I still have all my fingers even after ten years as a machinist and thirty years as a woodworker.

  2. tired and stressed, ive never seen you make so many mistakes on a comparatively simple project. huge learning curve for this whole project!

  3. Beautiful! make a fridge wrap around with the Khaya as well, that will tie it all together, you're not only a master craftsman you're a designer as well, I love the wood choices!

  4. He vuelto a ver todo el proceso, por segunda vez, y me sigue pareciendo una maravilla, tanto todo el proceso como verle trabajar con tanto rigor, precisión y limpieza. Es para mi un orgullo seguirle y aprender con todo lo que nos comparte. Felicidades y muchísimas gracias!!!

  5. The splice should have been placed against the wall and that 45 would be the main.
    Awesome production as always!

  6. looks amazing Frank! Question: is there any worry of the a large wood top like this expanding and contracting with moisture and causing buckling?

  7. I really like this breakfast, and the whole kitchen for that matter. Sucks about the top being cut to the wrong length. I was thinking you could have put a different type or color piece of wood in that gap, maybe a couple inches wide and it would look more intentional. Similar to the things you've done on your bowls that have a crack. Big fan of your work, keep doing what you're doing.

  8. NOTE: 10:15 may be the first-ever documented use of "a jig to make glued-and-screwed braces to clamp to members for the purpose of angle-clamping a miter being glued with biscuits!"

  9. Just watched this whole series in the last 24 hours. This wasn't in the playlist however. Thought I'd let you know. Love your work! 🙂

  10. The wonderful thing with kayah is its pores tend not to be as carnivorous as genuine mahogany and you can usually bypass pore filling. It's beautiful stuff.

  11. that would have been cool if you would have cut out a puzzle type cut to join them together with a slightly different stain so the cut would show a little bit

  12. This guy is very good and I really admire his work (not his skills as well). But I think that he will never be paid back the thousands of dollars he has spent for all these fancy machines he uses. If only I had these machines…

  13. How much of a savings would you estimate you had over buying cabinetry. I have been quoted 9k for cabinetry and am seriously thinking about going RTA or buying the tools needed to build the cabinets. figure after they are done I would get to keep the tools (Table Saw, Track Saw, HVLP Sprayer).

    What are your thoughts?

  14. For the joint on the horizontal piece, you could add a different color wood jointed with a cool pattern on your CNC for a cool accent

  15. Man your videos are so amazing. They also have this calming meditative quality in that every time I start watching them I start to go into this deep restful state and find myself drooling over my laptop haha. Excellent videos, thanks for making them

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