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Kingsman: The Secret Service final credits scene

47 thoughts on “Kingsman: The Secret Service final credits scene

  1. I’d like to think the beer just always appears whenever someone locks the doors and says “manners maketh man”

  2. Gentelmans guide for begginers:
    1. Nice one colored buissnes shirt
    2. Jeans or classic pants
    3. Nice cologne
    4. Nice done hair

    And also……. Jhonnie Walker red label clean

  3. I find as a general rule, if someone knocks out my leader and asks me and 3 other friends if we want to fight, the correct answer is no, no we don't.

  4. ‘Why don’t you ask your tailor friend to knock up a chicken costume for you it would suit you, you mug.’
    4 years later he wears a chicken costume

  5. I've said it before elsewhere and I'll say it again here. The decision to kill off much of the kingsmen in the sequel was a travesty that killed this series to me. The potential to expand the series to cover various agents in their adventures would've been great. Specially Merlin and lady Lancelot who were 2 of my favorite characters in the movie.

  6. I wanna think that he was gonna go lock the door in the first place but the music and commentary made it more badass

  7. Everyone wants to see the fight. I don't think there would have been one as they all remember what happened in the first one.

  8. Wait I’ve watched this movie so many times and never knew this scene was after the credits this is the first time I saw that scene

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