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KING OF THE BAR 2015 – Ultimate Calisthenics Battle!

King of the Bar 2015 Calisthenics Battle at FIBO 2015!

Jay Smallspartan vs Matthias Vettier
Korash Kabir vs Marlon Gonzales
Nikolay Yergiyev vs Manuel Amaya
Sensei vs Kallos
Raul Villarreal vs Stephen Hughes-Landers
Vadim Oleynik vs Bryan Bertout
Cedric Douge vs Ewald Mironov
Lexa Steel vs Freddie

Judges: Adam Raw, Edward Checo – Barstarzz, Dejan Stipic, Eryc Ortiz.

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Song 1:
Travi$ Scott – Upper Echelon (Haterade X Snafu Remix) –



Song 2:

Haterade x Contrvbvnd – CLICK –



Song 3 : Bass Farmers – Walk the Dinosaur –

Bass Farmers:


Song 4: Bro Safari & Space Laces – Fang Banger
(Licensed under Creative COmmons license CC by 3.0


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Soundcloud: @space-laces


Song 5: DJ ASSASS1N – Frag Out [NCS Release] –

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Song 6: K100 – Watchtower –

♫ K100 – Watchtower


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49 thoughts on “KING OF THE BAR 2015 – Ultimate Calisthenics Battle!

  1. Y’all talking about Cedric but how the fuck can someone hold their entire weight with the back of their neck and not win?

  2. I went college with Sensei for a while…I haven't seeing anything from him in years? Is he still competing? Let a bruva kno

  3. Вадим красава. очень хотел чтобы вы с Раулем встретились в финале.

  4. Mình tự tập luyện ở nhà.không biết khi nào mới đạt đc tới trình độ như này nữa😁😁😁

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