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Khớp ngậm đúng – bé sơ sinh

41 thoughts on “Khớp ngậm đúng – bé sơ sinh

  1. Its a cute baby, I just wish they would stop annoying it. At times, it seems that the mother is telling the trainer to back off and I don't blame her. Get lost. That baby is doing just fine.

  2. Haja paciência com essas asiáticas. Esse põe e tira peito da boca do bebê, sem necessidade. O bebê sabe mamar, é só colocar o bico na boca do bebê que ele faz o resto

  3. The helper talking about "hmmmmmmmmmmm." She must want some of the milk herself, that's why she keeps interfering with the baby's feeding, afraid the infant will drink it all. Get lost woman. That baby is doing just fine without you.

  4. There's a lactation consultant next to the mother to guide her. The mother was practising to latch the baby 2 or 3 time in this video. They are speaking in vietnamese.

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