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Keto Product Taste Test | New Think Keto Bar

Keto Product Taste Test | New Think Keto Bar
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44 thoughts on “Keto Product Taste Test | New Think Keto Bar

  1. have you tried the love good fats they sell bars and powered drinks. I like the Lemon mousse and the plant based chocolate chip cookie dough

  2. I buy meat, poultry and fish; vegetables in moderation. I filter my water. I buy coffee and only use a powdered Stevia (which lists Stevia as the only ingredient). I appreciate your support for a Keto lifestyle. PS: I will be 70 this coming year, get back to me on being old.

  3. The combo sweetener by High Key is fabulous! By far the best tasting, with zero aftertaste.
    I bake Keto goods for a living, and I replicate this mix in bulk.

  4. So those granola's you had during the Marigold Products section actually aren't from the Marigold company they are a completely different brand. Not sure if you need to edit that in and update the video to give them proper credit. Think their name was Lowcarb Keto

  5. You know, I'm 71, and have LIVED ON SUGAR all my life! I started KETO October 1st, 2019, and as of today, November 18th, I have lost 58 pounds and have lost my SUGAR CRAVING! I sometimes indulge with supper a full fat glass of milk with Eritheratol and HERSHEY'S UNSWEETENED COCOA stirred in. I have totallt LOST my need for sweets!…Just saying…..A MIRACLE!!!…..Diana….

  6. I just LOVE a product I Found on Amazon…..CARB QUICK. It's almost identical to Bisquick, which I have baked with ALL MY LIFE! Giving it a SHOUT OUT! Made some biscuits to go with my Keto chili tonight! YUM!!!!
    I saw on a video that BREYER'S has an ICE CREAM, with LOW CARBS. Your opinions welcome before I TAKE THE TASTING PLUNGE!!!!……..;-) Diana in Milwaukee, Wisconsin…..Love your taste tests!

  7. On my Thrive's Beef Jerky, it does state "to store unopened in a cool, dry place. Best to consumed within 3 days after opening.

  8. Mama Lupes low carb tortillas 3 net carbs at Walmart around $3.00 use as soft taco or fry for a little bit crispy tortilla. I really like them! Kathy

  9. Keto bars told me in an email that they are bringing the chocolate covered strawberries bar back in January!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!

  10. I’m sorry but I dont like your keto bars collaboration it’s just too bitter definitely something that would help change your palate

  11. I tried the Lenny keto cookie and hated it. I’d like to see you how you like it. I don’t agree with you on the keto bars. Way too bitter.

  12. Since living keto, it’s not often I have a sweet tooth. Coffee with heavy cream does the trick. I try to do more whole foods rather than processed crap. Also snacking between meals gets your insulin up and defeats the purpose of keto.

  13. Have you reviewed Keto Chow ? cause I must have missed it. Hope your precious son is growing by leaps and bounds. LUboth  🙂

  14. Would love it if you guys did a more in depth video/test about Chicory Root (Inulin)! I always avoid things with this ingredient because I heard it is likely the ingredient that spikes blood sugar from the Smart Sweets (lol from reddit) so I would love a more definitive video about this

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