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Ken Cuccinelli fires back at O’Malley after confrontation in DC bar

Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli breaks down his aggressive interaction with Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley at a D.C. bar.

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41 thoughts on “Ken Cuccinelli fires back at O’Malley after confrontation in DC bar

  1. Martin should be investigated because he obviously has something to loose . Is it money? hmmm. His reaction is not normal for just a disagreement…..has to be more involved. Common sense says so.

  2. I just KNEW Ken Cuccinelli was one cool customer!
    It was a degradation to office that Cuccinelli lost his gubernatorial bid to that lowlife Terry McAuliffe (a Clinton bag man).
    It was the ultimate justice when POTUS tapped Cuccinelli to serve in his administration.

  3. How do to get on the Democratic Vice-Presidential list? Administration accomplishments or get punched by a member of the Trump cabinet?

  4. Don't count on RINOs or moderates waking up. The demographics and deep state are in lock step with them. Outcome, anyone?

  5. The Democrat Party thought this guy can be president Violet psycho yeah that sounds like a pic that have this is how they control people and this is how they are when they don't get their way violent throwing fits acting like 2 year olds because they are always the victim if they are not the victim they create victims there's something wrong with a democratic supporter there is something wrong with the Democratic politician they're all completely eagle

  6. Hey Martin , so you don’t like Italians ? You’re a racist piece of s___ !!! Shame on you. Who else don’t you like ? This is what the Democrats have reduced themselves to….. wanna a be tough guys.

  7. You fellow patriots are being very cordial. The dems, if ihad a wish would be to vaporise from the political arena without a trace.

  8. O'Malley is an embarASSment to ALL Americans and especially to Americans of Irish descent of which I am one. Come to Brooklyn O'Malley to an Irish bar in Bay Ridge and you'll get your teeth knocked out for that kind of behavior / Keep Up the good work Gentleman and Director Ken Cuccinelli/ We appreciate you and all that protect America and enforce our laws in our nation of laws/ Steve O'Maga Reilly

  9. Martin was probably drunk but also juiced up on steroids. He does have a lot of time to work out since he’s not screwing the people of Maryland anymore with the high taxes he imposed.

  10. Why does this channel turn comments off on videos related to Islamic terrorism like the recent London Bridge attack?

  11. O'Malley, like every other rabid, insane Democrat, is a perfect example of just how angry and hateful the Democratic party has become.

    The better man chose to walk away….Voting for people with good values, morals and true pqtriots…Republicans and Trump 2020! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

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