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Jordan VS Javi – Bar Wars 2k16 #6

Two of Spain’s strongest calisthenics athletes are facing each other in BAR WARS. The battle consists of:

– 15 muscle ups
– 30 pulls ups (chest to bar)
– 60 push ups

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44 thoughts on “Jordan VS Javi – Bar Wars 2k16 #6

  1. Seems a little out of balance. First 2 events were extremely challenging. Most people have to train for months to do just one muscle up, and 30 pull ups is no joke either, especially chest-to-bar right after 15 muscle ups. But 60 push-ups is not challenging at all, anyone in decent shape can do that. Just seemed kinda pointless after the first to events. Still, this was really cool, two amazingly strong people.

  2. That Mexican guy took some enhancement drugs before this event ! He looks lost zero energy thanks to adrenaline shots!

  3. The dramatic music did nothing…the most unintense finish to a race…like watching Usan bolt run 100m with a 50m headstart wen that guy started the push ups.

  4. Apparently they were supposed to be chest-to-bar. I see a lot of folks disagreeing with that rule like chest-to-bar is too hard, but it's the only way I've done pullups for a long time, so I don't get all the fuss. I think maybe folks who don't do chest-to-bar often enough just have a strength deficit in that last bit of the range of motion, kinda like trainings only partials.

    Still, both dudes are obviously strong af regardless, and those were respectable numbers, counted and uncounted. If anything, what got them gassed was the pullups following the muscleups. Pushups should've been 2nd since muscle ups are less taxing on the push chain.

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