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Jennifer Lawrence Got into a Bar Fight in Budapest

Jennifer Lawrence fesses up to being scared of The Haunting in Connecticut movie, spiking mother! co-star Michelle Pfeiffer’s iced tea and fighting an aggressive “fan” at a bar.
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Jennifer Lawrence Got into a Bar Fight in Budapest- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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34 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence Got into a Bar Fight in Budapest

  1. So she told the world she assaulted a man, destroyed his property, threw beer all over the bar for the staff to clean and she only stopped because someone told her she was wasting beer? Either she made this up and is a liar or she has no class and that's an euphemism.

  2. A British killer escaped the British police for years and got arrested after getting into a bar fight in Prague. You never know with whom you're dealing.

  3. I hate to state the obvious but thats one of those little things that you pour on ice to melt it in the winter

  4. She is literally the best actress in Hollywood like not acting wise I mean like personality and personally wise. She has to be the most chill and closer to home actress in Hollywood. She is amazing

  5. maybe i am stupid, but i dont understand why people thinks it is ok .. like ..i love madonna and paula abdul and cheryl and jennifer … in a pub .. their privat life right .. leave people alone when in a private situation .

  6. I wanna become a talk show host just sonic can drink with Jennifer Lawrence. And then we can start a studio brawl with the audi8

  7. okay i'm just saying here, jennifer is ok for a sign or shake hands but she hate selfies when she's drunk, she's in a bad mood and no make up on. So maybe when she got ask to take a selfie she doesn't want it.

    She snapped because she is drunk, i guess so that's why she assault the guy. I mean she is drunk and ok she do something that is not cool but please she is drunk and maybe she realise that she is wrong. Jennifer always said she regrets to do or say something that are triggering and offensive, she just can't control it humans are not perfect.

  8. So based on the comments and the amount of likes this video I have come to the conclusion…

    That YouTube’s on their bullshit.

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