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Jeep Wrangler Smittybilt Adjustable Tow Bar Kit Review & Install

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The Smittybilt Adjustable Tow Bar Kit makes it easy to tow your Jeep Wrangler behind your motorhome or truck. This kit is extremely functional with 2 universal brackets, 2 lateral strut brackets, D-ring brackets, and a 2-inch coupler. Additionally, its quick pin disconnect feature makes it convenient.

This kit boasts a 5,000-pound tongue capacity and a 5,000-pound GVW rating and because it fits any standard 2-inch ball, it’s bound to get a lot of use. It’s made from strong and durable forged steel and finished with a dual stage black powder coat for corrosion resistance, an amazing look, and outstanding durability.

This Tow Bar Kit has been designed specifically to fit your Wrangler so no drilling, cutting, or welding is required. A few basic hand tools and approximately an hour of your time is all you need to complete the job.

Item J116753
MPN# 87450
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10 thoughts on “Jeep Wrangler Smittybilt Adjustable Tow Bar Kit Review & Install

  1. Thanks for the video. Its difficult for people to realize, you are just showing the tow bar kit. Whether the vehicle can be flat towed, or even if it is legal to flat tow in their state, is for the Jeep owner to decipher.

  2. You should cross the safety chains when towing to the opposite side. The point is to catch and cradle the tow hitch in the case it comes unhooked.

  3. does the steering not lock? my samurai i need to put the key in and cycle it on then off, it only locks when the key is removed

  4. I heard these couldn’t be flat towed with transfer case in neutral because the t case wouldn’t be lubricated. Am I wrong?

  5. You forgot to mention a wiring harness for the lights on the back of the Jeep. I believe this would be rather necessary.

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