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Jeep JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator Truck Adjustable Front Track Bar by Synergy Installation

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Installing an aftermarket adjustable front track bar is a great way to help re-center your axle after installing a 2”-3” lift and while there are a lot out options out there to choose from, I might recommend that you get the one made by Synergy. In addition to being made out of 1.50”, 0.25” wall DOM, it also comes with their signature, double adjuster sleeve and that means you won’t have to remove it to make fine tune adjustments. And, because it utilizes a pinch bolt to hold everything in places, you won’t have to fight with a jam nut that can be near impossible to keep tight. Of course, what makes this track bar really nice is that it comes with their awesome new Dual Durometer Bushings. In addition to being 100% maintenance free, the Dual Durometer Bushings are designed with 2 different durometers, a soft outer that offers cushioning and flex and a hard inner lining that acts as a bearing surface. Installing this track bar is super easy, can be done in under an hour using a just few basic tools and this video will show you how.

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39 thoughts on “Jeep JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator Truck Adjustable Front Track Bar by Synergy Installation

  1. Eddie have you ever considered installing a track bar mount brace because of the weld problems on the JL. Synergy does sell one. I'm going to install one on my JL.

  2. You are one of the best/top Jeep Channels out here….  I always come back to you all and look for content.  Thank you!!!

  3. Hi, why the sudden change to synergy components? I have been a fan of yours for over 5 yrs, never seen you with synergy stuff on your JK. I know you need to make money.

  4. I wish this would have been out a month ago when I ordered my Rancho track bars. Any justification in changing in the near future? Seems similar enough i'll leave alone. Thanks for the video.

  5. I was in Carson looking at real estate last week and the temps were causing people to break out their jackets and sweaters. Even more so at night. And you're still in short sleeves! Yea, I know… time delay! lol Looking good!

  6. I love your videos and how you take the time to explain everything, but one thing I've noticed is when you're tightening bolts with the impact then going back with a torque wrench to torque them to spec a lot of times it looks like the torque wrench clicks right away. That means it was most likely tightened beyond the desired torque with the impact and going back with a torque wrench only proves that. I know with a lot of these parts being over torque doesn't really make a difference, but on some it really does.

  7. Thnx for another great install video!

    Question: would you recommend an adjustable track bar for the Mopar 2" lift on a JL running 35's? Do you think Jeep built-in enough tolerance to the angles; camber, axle, etc. to accommodate their lift? It only goes light/moderate off-roading? Mostly overland. Thnx in advance for your response!

  8. Looks great!!! One suggestion for off-roaders, use a drop of blue Locktite on each bolt. This goes a long way toward stopping nuts and bolts from coming loose, yet still allow you to break it loose with a wrench on the trail without heating it up.

  9. Eddie, I could have sworn that you replaced this about 6 months ago when you had your death wobble problem. I recall it was only a slight wobble and not really the scary death wobble. Am I wrong?

  10. As always, great install video. Question I have is about your Milwaukee impact. How are the batterys lasting for you. Mine last about 8 months then wont take a charge. Thinking about going to another brand. All my corded Milwaukee are great.

  11. I love these install videos and how clearly you explain everything. Keep up the great work, sir!

    I do have a quick newbie question:
    If I were to get a base Sport JL or JT, how much would it cost, roughly, to make it like your JL or JT? (Lift, new axles, etc.)

  12. I have a 2012 jk engine needs to be replaced any advice which way You would go with it considering all options. You did say any questions… thanks

  13. Great video!! Will most def be getting one since my JL is starting to show signs of death wobble. Thanks for your videos always a fan.

  14. Good stuff as always what a big difference in the bushings way better curious on a good brand etc on Manuel sway bar disconnect friend has 2 door sport love the home shop stuff videos as always be safe

  15. As usual another invaluable video. It’s such an often overlooked component by the majority of people yet it makes such a huge difference.

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