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Jaime Lerner: Sing a song of sustainable cities

Jaime Lerner reinvented urban space in his native Curitiba, Brazil. Along the way, he changed the way city planners worldwide see whats possible in the metropolitan landscape.

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20 thoughts on “Jaime Lerner: Sing a song of sustainable cities

  1. "creativity starts when you cut a zero from your budget." mass public transportation is the future of transportation. trains are where its at.

  2. @Armouropoulos
    They must be really really saturated for you to say this, because rush hour isn't nice AT ALL in, for example, big European cities with much more money than Curitiba…

  3. i lived in Curitiba for 24 years. I have lived in London uk for 10 years now. I still go back every year and it amazes me how much Curitiba has grown and developed. People who say that Curitiba have overcrowded busses and trafic have probably never been to a major city. Yes, trafic is getting heavier, busses are getting fuller, but when you compare with other towns like Sao paulo and London, curitiba is by far the best structured city. I can only praise Lerner for the great work he has done!!

  4. The transportatiom system is over its cappacity by far. Those red articulated busses that Lerner showed at the rush hours are like riding in a can. I think that Curitiba sold the idea to ourselves that its transport system was so good, that only few change has been done and any major change is quickly denied.
    The result is that the midlle class that 15 years ago used the busses, but now if you have a car (like i do) hardly ride a bus and the traffic is becoming worse each day

  5. I live in Curitiba since 1991 and by that time Curitiba was indeed an urban example for the whole Brazil and beyond. But in the last 18 years, a lot have changed. The city grew a lot. When Lerner left the mayor office, 92, the "Big Curitiba" had 1,5 millon people, now the number reached to 3 millon people.

    Now Curitiba has all the problems of any brazilian major city: violence, polution and traffic problem. Its still much better than any big brazilian city

  6. I see your point. I am sorry to hear of that. Still, one must consider that to make a living one must have good business. If his business made the city better then….good for him and good for the city.

    I enjoy the message regardless of the *fact* you mention.

  7. It's only convenient to have self driving cars if they have space to move around. If they are stuck in traffic it does no good. And you don't have to descend 2 stories to access the tube stations. They are on the street just like a regular bus stop, except that it gives the effectiveness of the subway for one hundredth of the cost.

    Watch "A Convenient Truth: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil" if you want to know more about the city. Curitiba shows evolution of cities is a living reality.

  8. a truly revolutionary and healthy talk, I really enjoy Jaime Lerner's style of delivery and mental attitude.

    Attitude + Sustainability = Good Things, Real Good Things.

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