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Jack Reacher Bar Fight Scene (Complete)

44 thoughts on “Jack Reacher Bar Fight Scene (Complete)

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  4. this dude who got kicked in the balls played it so convincing you could think this was an outtake in which cruise kicked him for real

  5. I'm so grateful to everyone for posting every line of dialogue in this scene…
    over and over and over and over and over and over and over

  6. you really have to respect T Cruise for being a great actor. I Think many a guys are jealous they can't look like that…Now that B Pitt gets on my nerves…

  7. Wow that's the tallest and slimmest Tom cruise I've seen,nust be on some new diet ,no seriously whatever format this is in its unwatchable!!

  8. Krav Maga, everyone gets kicked in the nuts! If that was BJJ he would still be on the ground with the first guy while the other 4 kicked his head in.

  9. I've watched this fight scene so many times,it is one of the best,not all kung fu,like special forces,im no expert but I love gritty action,breakneck speed,no camera tricks,and like (punches that dude in the knee)he's short and Hugh Jackman is tall,without Cruise,this film could have been cheese..I,know..the height thing..Cruise delivers!..sequal was forgettable.

  10. Does anyone remember The perfect weapon,reminisnt scene,i really liked this movie.darker than mission movie,Robert Duvall!cool everything.Gritty,fast,a plot,smart

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