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ISIS leader reportedly died in raid carried out by US forces in Syria | ABC News

34 thoughts on “ISIS leader reportedly died in raid carried out by US forces in Syria | ABC News

  1. I truly believe there will always be equal war as there is equal peace in some parts of the world it's the balance of life and death. We can keep killing them and I can assure you they had a protege in line.


    not everyone is a moron on the planet.. but these americasn certainly are and most white race people XD

  3. Bye bye barrack hussein obama the name of the real isis leader by the way al bagdhedi was an alias name that obama used obama is a terrorist and needs to be burned alive

  4. So what. America again made him. He was tortured by sexually depraved american soldiers in Abu Grab prison. What a disgusting piece of recent history america is guilty of.

  5. Was this a win? What is that lady crazy? I mean the Terrorists Leader of ISIS Dead!! Abu Abakdadi ..what's wrong with these people.

  6. Seriously who believes this shit. They lied about Osama bin Laden. Now they feed us this crap.
    ISIS was created by USA by the way. Take the red pill already. ffs… Beam me up Scotty.

  7. And May the rest of his organization die out and never come back again and they not go to the land of milk and honey

  8. Wow….US killed it's own child who was borne outa its love for manufacturing criminals… True??? Woahhhhh 👏👏👏👏

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