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Irish People Try American Clif Bars

Irish people try some Clif bars… but did they leave them hanging? Find out! NEW MERCH:
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American Clif Bars! The Clif Bar is a popular American energy bar made with nutritious, organic ingredients. As these energy bars are a big deal in America so of course, we just had to see what our lovely Irish people thought about them!

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Irish Jesus:
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Brian Gallagher:
Niamh Tumbleton:

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45 thoughts on “Irish People Try American Clif Bars

  1. 5:23 We love Dermot, but more than that, we love how much he hates peanut butter. Yes others hate peanut butter, but Dermot hates peanut butter with a fiery rage that eclipses the sun and stars.

  2. Icky. My daughter always made me buy these for her in high school. Too dense. You eat one and don't need to eat for 2 days lol

  3. I love the consistent paradigm of how either negativity tends to snowball or positivity depends on the pairing. The only person who can bring positivity out of Brian is Ciara

  4. They're protein bars… Not really meant to be eaten as candy. However, they're not nearly as bad as some of the others. I just think some of the people on this channel just like to hate stuff lol

  5. Clif bars are a way of delivering all you need quickley and on the go, either on mountains or plains. Extremely "potent" in terms of nutrients to weight ratio. They arent exactly made to taste good, as after a huge hike or climb any form of sustenance is delicious

  6. the fact you guys ate 4 whole clif bars in the same day is the part that amazes me! are you still…”eliminating?”

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