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iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Benchmark Comparison

32 thoughts on “iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Benchmark Comparison

  1. We just got our hands on Samsung's Galaxy S9+, so we decided to run some benchmarks to see how it compares to Apple's iPhone X.

    iPhone X ►
    Samsung Galaxy S9 ►
    Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus ►

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  2. The thing is that iPhones will always appear to be the better choice simply because of how well almost ALL apps are optimized for it. Having your own operating system means you can tweak it when ever you want and need to. Nobody else has that freedom. I wouldn't say the A series chips are better, but the fact the everything on iPhone is made FOR the iPhone just ecplains why the benchmarks are in apple's favor.

  3. We did a side by side performance test with both phones and the galaxy was always faster the that apple phone..bottom line is that Samsung is way ahead of apple in all users buy the phone to look cool, because it cost waaay to much they think it's a good phone…its not, its average at best

  4. Apple has a powerful chip, but why do you need that much power? it's useless because apple doesn't even provide something to use with that much power…S9 may not have that much, but atleast it provides you so much…

  5. i recently just switched from android to iphone and i can tell you that im not disappointed. everything is quicker than what ive ever experienced on an android, plus the apps tend to crash more frequently than that of the iphone (even though this has never happened to me while using the iphone). i hate to say but to me, iphone is the better phone, but the android has a lot more quirks to it that meets the eye.

  6. On my S9 I get 15.320 score on samsung browser and 13.737 on chrome. So samsung is better. Also I get better score on geekbench both single and multi core (Exynos version)

  7. Don't you know in order to compare you need to on all processors on SAMSUNG ? By turning on HIGH PERFORMANCE MODE. !!!

    You compared Samsung on optimized mode (I.e. processor speed limiter ) 🙁

    Your test is not valid one

    Plz do it again

  8. Bwahahahahahaha iPhone is trash… Icons from 8years ago that havent changed, worst OS in the world. iPhone = TRASH

  9. caught up… Ha! Ha!. Ivomits have been behind for years and yes out of box Ivomit can win on a couple items… but the Ivomit will fail and slowdown within months or weeks of purchase.

    you never hear Samsung users cursing their phones… but its all i hear from Ivomit users

  10. On my Galaxy S9 plus i got these results…
    single core performance of 3743
    multi core performance of 9009
    So there is something wrong… ;D

  11. I have an iphonex my wife s9+, in real life performance it's about the same………….. Even sometimes the loading times of s9+ is a wee bit faster than x. Then I remembered, you can't juxtapose the benchmarks – because it's two different operating system.

  12. Coming from a s9+ owner, i have used the s9+ for 4 months and whenever i go back to iphone, it always feels snappier.

  13. Antutu it's the only true real world performance Benchmark it's the only one that matters. Just look at speed test between the two phones.

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