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Internet Explorer 1.0 on Windows 10?

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Today, we’ve got another tech related experiment! We are gonna be trying to run the first version of Internet Explorer on Windows 10.

Old IE Versions:

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28 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 1.0 on Windows 10?

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  2. That didn't work for me, I tried the iexplore.exe in compatibility mode for Windows 95 with admin rights but didn't work
    My machine is x64 dual core Windows 10 1903 Pro

  3. browsers that early dont support virtual URLs thats why it goes to google when trying to go to youtube… this also would have been a lot easier to do on 32bit windows 10….

    im going to take a guess that you were not actually on the net in 1995/6

  4. These doesn't load not because of https; it might be because the security is too strong or the websites are too 'strong'
    Or its just that the websites didn't exist at those times (except Microsoft)

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