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Inside the Bar That’s Serving Oxygen to Delhiites as AQI turns severe

A new bar has come up in Delhi. What’s on the menu? Oxygen!
The Wire visited Oxygen Bar in Saket and saw how it works. Inside the bar, customers can avail 15-min sessions and prices start from Rs 299 and goes up to Rs 499.
We asked Delhiites if they’d buy oxygen with money.


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42 thoughts on “Inside the Bar That’s Serving Oxygen to Delhiites as AQI turns severe

  1. It's very sad to hear that, Main apne hisse ki sanse ab khridne laga hu
    Lagta hai taraqqi ki sidhi chadhne laga hu. 😏😧

  2. This is just a temporary solution and please don't depend upon the government to achieve something. People in Delhi are very intelligent and I know it. I'm from Kerala and without any help from government we've faced floods in the first place and of course everybody including government and army came after that. But we ourselves were the first to face it. Have a local meet-up and you guys come to a solution. Stop complaining the society because YOU'RE THE SOCIETY. You're capable..don't wait for central or state government. Instead of conducting rallies and strikes against government try to find a solution. You will recover from this just like us.

  3. Ban cars for all except women and old and handicapped….most polluting vehicle plus cause of chaos in traffic….promote cycles..this is just not in novemember all year same story there…

  4. Kya pure air humare nationalism ke context m nhi aata ya humara nationalism sirf mandir masjid banane se ya cinema hall m khade hokar national anthem gane se h
    Kyu iska dayra itna chota ho gya h jiske dayre m humari health nhi employment nhi education nhi
    Roti nhi kapda nhi makaan nhi clean air nhi yeh sab kul milakar moolbhoot suvidhay nhi aati kya nationalism ke dayre m nhi aati kya ??
    Jai bheem jai bharat jai hind

  5. it is a big shame for us what we receive and what we will deliver to our next generation….even imagination of this kind bar is quite scary..

  6. It's so sad… all The governments are still sleeping… I think India needs a civil disobedience movement now. What about all the taxes are paying. What about our part we are playing so honestly when it comes to protecting environment. Because other fellow humans are not taking care of environment rest of us has to pay the price… Wow…

  7. अब इस्राईली इतिहासकार ने किया धमाका, कहा बहुत जल्द होगा ईरान व इस्राईल का युद्ध!

  8. Pure oxygen is lethal to body as pure oxygen is highly reactive. Can burn the tissue. That's why scooba drivers use helium mixed with it.

  9. Person who said Rs 299 for 15min is affordable for most of the people ,this is India, which tops the world hunger index.because of that mind set we r facing this problem.

  10. I see so many cars and SUVs on Delhi roads… Almost all of them have one or two people inside at the moment… I know crop stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana plays its part, but so many rich Delhites would rather buy a car for each adult family member, than use public transport. Dikhawa bahot hai yaha

  11. Gadhelog एक पेड़ लगाओ नहीं तो को लगा है उसने पानी डालो नहीं तो ऑक्सीजन चैंबर में मरो । अब तो आदिवासी के right bhee खत्म होने वाला फिर जोंगल खत्म वाहा आप के लिए फैक्ट्री होगा मौल होगा ऑक्सीजन सिलेंडर ले के घूमना।

  12. Hey wire
    Why are you guys not reporting on the reconstruction plan of Delhi?
    How green and already well planned areas of Delhi like NDMC have been sold to land sharks
    And how BJP and kejri are involved into it
    How this is affecting environment of Delhi drastically

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