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India Air Pollution: New Delhi residents turn to oxygen bar as toxic smog city

India’s capital, New Delhi is once again struggling to cope with very high levels of pollution. It’s resulted in a massive jump in the sales of air purifiers and face masks. But as Neha Poonia reports, many Indians are now turning to other unconventional methods to cope.

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37 thoughts on “India Air Pollution: New Delhi residents turn to oxygen bar as toxic smog city

  1. Delhi's plight ….!

    Should i say or stay quiet.
    By the way speaking of a major issue
    Is not a crime.
    Issue which has been threatening our health, our life.
    Where are the so called conservationists.
    When Delhi needs an action of wisdom infinite.

    Do something …
    At stake is delhi's life.

  2. OMG! After polluting our water they sold us water.
    Now these capitalists have polluted our air and selling oxygen.
    In the days to come they will sell us Sunlight or heat. When sun rays will be blocked by constant smog!

  3. END is near….
    First destroy oxygen which is available fee…
    Then buy the same oxygen by giving money….
    this is illiteracy …….

  4. Modi’s fart 😂😂😂 has polluted Delhi and will pollute the neighboring countries like Pakistan it’s good to take some precautions

  5. Except innocent ones this is Hindus good days, they will suffer more because of their crimes against innocent People and saying ugly disgusting words about Allah…I am just alerting they will pay it heavy…!

  6. SubhanAllah. Is this the future? I’m not blaming all Indians, but maybe if the government and its supporters focused on their responsibilities instead of targeting Muslims and other groups in the name of Nationalism, everyone could have cleaner air. Is this Nationalism? To have to buy oxygen?

  7. These are ALL TEMPORARY FIXES to a Countrywide systemic POLLUTION PROBLEM!! In addition to severe air pollution, trash pollution is even worse! India recently CANCELED the ban of single use plastics because plastics companies will lost money!! India is decades behind China! To think they made the claim as Superpower in 2020…..LMAO

  8. But we still love modi. Even if people die of hunger, even if we can’t breath fresh air it is ok we are desh bhakts we will still vote for amit shah’s puppet, modi ji in the next elections

  9. In other news when are indian women going to stop bleaching their faces arms hands and putting 10 layers of white make up the reporting woman in the video looks like a clown

  10. Indians have only themselves to blame for this tbh, they keep electing illiterate religious extremists into power instead of educated secularists. Now they are paying the price for their decisions. As one Indian politican said, Pray to god for clean air, lmao

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