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I Went To A Bar Alone And This Is What Happened – CHALLENGE

We sent our favorite staff writer to 3 bars alone to document his experience and his results were pretty crazy. Find out what kind of wild people he met at the bar alone and his unexpected night at a bar he normally would have never entered in this funny animation challenge.


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33 thoughts on “I Went To A Bar Alone And This Is What Happened – CHALLENGE

  1. You're in southern California during September and you're complaining about the cold?! The what freezing cold temperature of 60 degrees? Oh man you didn't get hypothermia did you?

  2. I love this channel but hearing about dudes girlfriend all the time is annoying. I come for the information, not to hear girlfriend 50x in one episode 🙄

  3. If you guys want i can go to bars everyday alone and drink as much as you like! Actually it would be my dream profession! Please! lol

  4. 9:55 for all of you that are wondering what hes talking about. There are literal Cucks out there. Now i am curious what this narrator looks like. Brad Pitts clone? 🤣🤣🤣

  5. So what was her price? I'm sure thats came up! Did she offer any deals or discounts?? like buy the 👄 & 😺 & get the bunz for free??? 😄

  6. Wish the bars in my area was this interesting. Usually once or twice a week I go to a bar alone after work to get food and drinks for about 2 hours then go home. Sometimes people buy me drinks, but that's pretty much it. I'm married, but I don't wear a ring because of work.

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