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I tried to fix this awful bar in The Sims 4: Discover University

This bar was…interesting

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41 thoughts on “I tried to fix this awful bar in The Sims 4: Discover University

  1. Here's something: the sims make their builds bad so youtubers can make videos about them about how bad that they are so people can buy the game to see the bad builds. Am I the only who thinks that?

  2. About the advent calenders: here in germany almost everyone has one. And the best one are with lego or Playmobile toys in it ^.^

  3. can someone explain in simple terms what's an advent calendar, I don't even know what Advent is, tried googling but I still don't understand. I know that you take a chocolate for every day before Christmas? and read something…

  4. I live in Britain and yes my friends and family and I always have advent calendars, and when December hits there's never time for a last minute shop for them because they're probably already gone

  5. Australia kinda vibes with advent calendars but honestly the last time I bought one we had a heat wave and it’s all got kind gross and gooey so….

  6. I would love to see a build challenge where you keep the stuff, which is in the build and just change the outside/walls etc.

  7. Okay sorry but I have a little sister and I remember when she was obsessed wit hit. Sky the pink girl and then Everett the winter girl. Oh I cannot believe I remember this, this is why I'm going to fail high school my brain is full of random junk

  8. Okay but can I say KAYLA YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! I’m sorry you didn’t feel like you wanted to do facecam but know you are so beautiful and you are so loved 💓💓

  9. While doing the little shelf-ish thing around the bottom of wall, just press Shift. It makes it just for the bunch of that wall.

  10. When you mention a cat being the cutest thing ever I want to see pictures!!

    Also my cat is purring on my lap right now <3

  11. My 4 year old's favourite thing is Paw Patrol…there is now technically 2 girl dogs, but Everest lives in the mountains (in terms of only the dogs)

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