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I returned the ASUS PA32UC… – Monitor Roulette Episode 3

I returned it. Wasn’t the right fit for me.

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33 thoughts on “I returned the ASUS PA32UC… – Monitor Roulette Episode 3

  1. I tought all modern Ultrasharp Dell monitors were bezeless. At least mine it is, almost no bezels from top and the sides, nice looking monitor design and great picture quality.

  2. I had to return my mx27uq as the screen got Red corners. Even after i sent it back they said it was fine. They eventually gave me a new panel but then the new one has a high pitched noise from the speakers. So no more asus for me.

  3. For the first 30 seconds.. I was so confused.. System started glitching. The comment I was typing turned red (impending doom?).. And I thought video, audio were out of sync.

  4. I think it's the law of universe..
    Those who know a lot gets the most trouble..
    2 of my friends who know nothing about a pc built one with my help.. No problem ever touched those PCs..
    I built a PC for myself (not exactly.. my family interfered a lot) Got $hit ton of issues I never imagined. -_-

  5. Have you ever considered EIZO coloredge monitors? They are expensive but they have a 5 year, 30,000 hour warranty, and they don't suffer from backlight bleed and uniformity issues like most modern panels. I recently found a CX271 model from 2014 on ebay for $400 and snagged it. It has the aesthetics of a 90s TV but the panel is beautiful and it has hardware calibrated adobeRGB color gamut. 10 bit too.

    I was going through a similar monitor hunt and determined that I probably wouldn't be happy with a monitor from a "normal" brand. Even those that cost in the thousand dollar range tend to have pretty bad backlight bleeding or dead pixels, etc. I haven't seen much talk on youtube about EIZO in general so it might be a nice video topic if you want to try one out.

  6. Guys whats the name of the youtube counter above the monitor , i wanted to get one for my nephew but cant find it for the life of me.

  7. You might be able to rotate it 90 to portrait if you angle it up, rotate, then angle down again. You should just need to get the corner across the stand base.

  8. I've been weighing this up against the UP2715K and so it was good to hear your thoughts, was very impressed on how easy the HDR worked and actually gave a HDR output in Youtube evident by how the highlights got blown out, so obviously bright. Looking forward to your review, so thanks 🙂

  9. Duuude thanks to your VGA CRT video, I got myself a Phillips Brilliance 109P40 for 10$! Sony Trinitron display with 111khz h.freq! It can do 2048×1536 @69hz and 800×600 @167hz. <3

  10. Yeah I had the same thing from the HDR windows UI standout. It errored out for me anytime a fullscreen application was used. (game being an example) It would go back to being gray taskbar..

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