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I Met an Indian Guy At a Bar And Got Invited To His Home GOOD OR BAD IDEA?

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I started my journey to Kattakada riding on Keralas local government buses KSRTC. Shortly after arriving I was tired and looked for the nearest bar. I met some friends and and after finding out there are no hotels available in town I was invited to stay at their home…good or bad idea? Find out….and a HUGE thanks to my friend Anoop

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40 thoughts on “I Met an Indian Guy At a Bar And Got Invited To His Home GOOD OR BAD IDEA?

  1. Keralathinte Thalsthanathe Road kidakunna avastha kando? Mathriyennum paranju Keyari erikkunnavanmaare ulakakku adikanam

  2. Hey Carlos! I love your videos. But be a little careful when getting invited to their private place because you cannot always trust everyone, especially when you don't understand their language and geography. But true that, this risk is what made the video interesting, still be careful and enjoy your time in India!

  3. The drunk guys at the bar were so fun😂😂😂 I was worried for carlos though… I don't drink so I am always like that seeing drunk people 😂😂

  4. Those buses looked like something out of Mad Max lol . I would have to say bad idea . I've seen too many horror movies . Carlos , was that tapioca mashed yucca ? I've never had it that way and I only recently found out that yucca is used to make tapioca pearls

  5. Mangalore is a place which is stunning n u haven't visited.. No place like it anywhere.. Gorgeous magnificent greenery everywhere, beaches are awesome.. Visit baikal Fort there n the magnificent temples built on rocks, Hills everywhere.. Ancient temples were built thousands of yrs old.. That bring said @volpe where are you Carlos pls b safe, take care of urself, u literally scared the daylights out of me seeing this..I was terrified fr u.. U really shudnt trust like this.. Of course 99% of India is ammmmazing n believe in Athithi Devo Bhava"or treat every guest as ur God.. Do poorest will b nice to u.. N this is the only country where humble simplest poor man will open his house to u n welcome u.. Nowhere we travel in d world can we expect a westerner or Arab to open his home n welcome us to sleep the night.. Never happened.. Not in Europe not in Arab Muslim countries, even though u make friends they will b very wary, n kerp a distance from u.. Suspicious n wary actually.. Especially in USA everywhere n uk..dobt even attempt it in Muslim countries it's a bad idea.. Friends tried n tested that.. They get very hostile.. But india will open its arms to u.. Ppl simply trust u n welcome u.. But caution.. U were lucky.. U just can't trust local guys in bars.. They may mug u or worse.. All ppl are fab.. But how do u know it's not a gang thats criminal n won't harm u.. Pls b safe.. Sophie Wud b very concerned with ur escapade anyone who loves u will be.. Pls don't trust blindly n go like that.. Stay safe.. FYI drunk u is hilarious.. N wearing a lungi is priceless.. Do that more

  6. I've read quite a few comments and most of your fans say be a little careful, and that's true, trust people but take precautions before doing so, especially meeting a new person trusting etc , if they happen to be your subscriber than no worries, I'll give you an idea as you want to meet new people , visit they homes meet there families etc let your subscriber's know about your plans like which city which country, I'm sure you have a million fans in every country, and meeting your subscriber's would also make you feel good, instead of meeting someone you don't know neither they know you , just a suggestion bro…. take care volpe 🤗🙂 cheers bro..

  7. Nice vlog volpe, someone wants to host you in Delhi as well 🤗, but you really love to take risks , I being a local would not travel late nights , but you do it ,I think you had alot of barcodes 🤪🍺, it did give u a hit I guess, felt like the Singapore beer vlog , anyways, it is what it is, you had fun n are safe n made a good vlog that's all is needed, I'm still facinated with kovlam beach n may plan a trip there soon. Come over to Delhi would love to host u guys too 🙂

  8. 100% raw content! Just how you really have a good weekend with friends in India… You should have had toddi or Kallu… It's a alcoholic drinks made of palm or coconut fermented…

  9. So ya went ta India to grab a Brewski??????? Niceski^!!^

    11:11 What are ya, camera shy & from the Mid-West;^D I Raised the Bar & I know it's around here somewhere;^D, Just tell Me were that Bar is and I might allow ya ta live;^D.

  10. ROFLOL "I hope my lungi doesn't fall in this bus full of women" – I'm going to let you in on a secret bro – Feel free to put on a belt and tuck the top of the lungi into it for good measure – LOL I need to charge you for that kind of advice!!!

  11. Que comico ese flaco.Ja,jeeee….Queeeee….Mujerero en ese bus ja,ja,jeee…..Katakara,Katakara.Ja,jeeeeee…Acuna makana.Sorprendente video.💎💎💎💎💎

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