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I made the ULTIMATE trident in Minecraft

37 thoughts on “I made the ULTIMATE trident in Minecraft

  1. Idk why but i have such good luck getting tridents. I have a looting 3 sword and i can up like 10 tridents in about 15 minutes of hunting drowns in the ocean

  2. I got the tridend wen i strart the game i joined the game with nothing an a zombie whith a tridend and sun burn him and i got the trident it was my first item😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Me:you can get tridents from drowneds that have no tridents.

    CLASSIC Muselk:where are the drowneds with the tridents?

  4. hey you stupid muffin when you do a series at the end of the title do ep and then the number of episode i watched the entire thing without knowing wich one is first and wich one is the second

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