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Hulk Hogan Involved In Heated Exchange With Fan At Hotel Bar

20 thoughts on “Hulk Hogan Involved In Heated Exchange With Fan At Hotel Bar

  1. What a Phoney and a bully. He could have been more pleasant about it instead of bringing up the man's. Wife. Brett hart was right about

  2. People forget that celebrities are humans too. The man is always willing to interact and sign autographs for fans. If he asked for a little privacy, then the fan should have respected Hulk's boundaries and maybe things would have turned out much differently.

  3. You Media ASS HATS Better Not be trying to stir Up Contraversy and get Hogan Fired again I Just Got him back in my WWE Video Game because of Gawker I Had to wait five long years for a Complete n.W.o again 🙁 for my WCW Universe Mode

  4. Does that guy have a death wish? Even at his age Hogan would sleep that wimp. He still has big arms and that guys is tiny. Not the best idea to have a go at the hulk.

  5. I've personally seen Hogan go way above and beyond for fans …including grown ass men acting like children …. Handled that great told the guy to chill and it seems like the dude had a few brain cells and listened … #hulkamania

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