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HP Spectre x360 vs. Dell XPS 13: A Review of Two Ultrabooks

50 thoughts on “HP Spectre x360 vs. Dell XPS 13: A Review of Two Ultrabooks

  1. Zenworm – I immediately hit the subscribe button after that awesome intro. Then hit the bell after you started cussing lol. Great review, helped with my decision. Thanks!

  2. Going to be honest I really hated the gimmicks. I get what you're going for but it came off as too cheesy and sloppy. I appreciate the honest review of both machines.

  3. Great production and the humor actually made me laugh! Not just smile like "Oh that was cute…", it was actually funny. And bonus, I am better informed about both of these laptops 😊

  4. A really cool and unique review without blurring many specs and numbers but useful insights from a designer's perspective.

  5. Useful review, that I only just discovered after ordering the HP. Thankfully! The keyboard is so important to me – I write (type) for a living. Btw, the latest Spectre has a much better battery life (or there’s a range with the better battery life at least). That should resolve that issue.

  6. It’s sad you have so less subscribers. Period!
    The content and the quality of content is above par with ‘almost’ any other tech reviewer!

  7. Why comparing 2 things which are not in the same category? It's like comparing a tab and a laptop. It's not the same use..

  8. Ha ha ha your review is witty and refreshingly unique especially the windows hello portion for Dell – hilarious! For those who is thinking of getting the HP spectre, my advice – avoid the silver version and get the version reviewed here. I have the hp and its really good overall. My main gripe though is since I have the silver version, keyboard is also silver, and can be difficult to see the key labels, even when the backlit is on in certain situations.

  9. That was a really great ending. Made me genuinely LOL! (By the way, I'm typing this on my HP Spectre X360 13-inch. I love it.)

  10. I had the spectre and had to return it. The fan was so loud even when just watching videos on youtube. Got a pixelbook in its place and can now actually enjoy a true convertible device.

  11. Dude that was absolutely great, I have that HP and it is beast you also forgot to include that it only has 1 USB port :/

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