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HP Pavilion Gaming 15 Review – Better Than The Omen 15 or Dell G3 ?

The HP Pavilion Gaming 15 laptop is an alternative to their Omen 15 and competes with the Dell G3, G5 and G7.
It can be configured with either an i5 8300h or i7 8750h CPU with GPU options AMD RX560, GTX 1050, GTX 1050ti or GTX 1060 Max Q. Prices start at $710 and go upto $1460 if you opt for the 4k panel. For gamers there is a 144 hz panel option.

Watch 2019 New HP Pavilion First Look !

I forgot to mention its colour accuracy : 63% sRGB, 45% NTSC, 47% AdobeRGB (60hz panel)

My model can be bought here for $798:


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HP Pavilion gaming first Look:

Acer Helios 300 – 144 Hz panel !

HP Omen 15 review:

Dell G3 review:

Dell G7 Review:

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48 thoughts on “HP Pavilion Gaming 15 Review – Better Than The Omen 15 or Dell G3 ?

  1. please can someone settle about thermals ? I'm really worrying about the cooling, so far I think this my best choice for my budget (I'm aiming for the Core i7 and GTX 1060)

  2. I am planning to buy this laptop, and as you suggested, I want to run all the tests on it in the first week. Could you please give me some links to where i can run all those performance tests? I'd really apreciate it! Thank you, nice video!! <3

  3. Ngl the omen is like a lot better the frames are terrible for the newer games like it’s hitting 30 frames max and the omen is hitting like 150-200 frames

  4. 90+ C° in gaming? That's too much and crazy. On laptops are safe temps to 80°C max. . Temps over 80°C can break the laptop. And what about keyboard while gaming? Is it hot or not?

  5. The hinges connecting the screen to the body of the laptop are a no go for me. I will not be buying this simply because of that issue alone.

  6. Hi! I’m trying to decide between this laptop and a normal pavilion, only for 50 euros more I would get a decent gaming laptop (this one). The problem is that I’m currently in Europe and I want to ship it from the US. I’ve read a lot of bad reviews talking about how the laptop comes with different failures out of the box, would you recommend shipping it? I would really appreciate your help.

  7. I bought this laptop for 800euros i know its a litle bit high but, but i that was the lowest price in my country. And i didnt started yet beacuse it doesnt have os yet. But i have a few questions to ask you:
    Im concrened about the black screen hapening i lot of people have isue with that, did that happend to you?
    And heating is it the big Problem on this laptops?
    Sorry for my english. Im not good at it.

  8. Please reply! I've found a similar HP pavilion 15 gaming laptop to this. It is £800, has 8GB RAM (DDR4), 256GB SSD, a quad core i5-9300H processor with a 2.4 GHz base freq, 4.1 at turbo, 8MB cache and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (4GB GDDR5). Other details are similar to this laptop you're reviewing.

    Should I get this if I will do lots of interet browsing, lots of streaming, coding, maybe downloading emulators and running old games?

  9. Which One is better Lenovo Legion Y540 or HP Pavilion 15-dk0050 TX (i5 processor& Nvidia 1050 ) ??

    Which one has better battery, display??

    Final Verdict Please?? I'm Confused with these 2

  10. Salut Steven! Thank you for review! Do have in plans to make a review on a Lenovo 540s 15 inch? Especially interesting version with Nvidia 1650.
    Thank you as always!

  11. Thank you so much for the video, I am at the stage where I need to decide to buy this laptop with i5 8300h and 1050ti or to buy Acer Nitro 5 with i7 8750h and 1050. What do you think is the best in my case? I really like this laptop in terms of the features and performance but the heating keeps me thinking again if I should go for it. What do you recommend?

  12. Actually got this one with 144hz i7 1050 maxq , brought it back to store for fixing. 5months in. The heat from this computer is insane, close to 100c and as much as you dont feel it arround your palms it heats up the hinge part alot. The whole front plastic started to come of due to glue melting on mine. brought it back to store for repairs, havent heard back yet, – asked at the store to open it for me, noone seem to be though enough to take the challange. *This one was a big dissapointment

  13. I bought it with a GTX 1060 and the i7. Upgraded RAM right away. However, I am trying to put my SSD EVO 850 on it too and all it does is burn the sata cables right away :/
    How can I find out a guide into adding a second SSD/HHD? It seems obviously but obviously I am doing something wrong…

  14. Hello I buy this pc few days ago with an I5 8300h and GTX 1060 Max Q . On the first day I tried PUBG and then noticed that the computer was burning. I opened HWMonitor and found that my CPU was 96 degrees and my gpu was 93 degrees. I continued my game and I had a blue screen I immediately said that it was because of the heat emitted by the computer. So I would like to know if there are other people who have had similar problems and know how to solve this problem of overheating that prevents me from playing with my computer.

    I heard about the undervolting of the CPU and Gpu, someone could give me the values ​​he has applied for his computer, preferences with the same components as mine. Thank you for your help. Sorry I am a beginner.

  15. Hi. This laptop(Hp pavillion ) with gtx 1060 3gb maxQ core i7 and dell G5 with 1050 ti 4 gb core i7 are available on same price in my country. The only difference is that G5 has extra 128gb ssd while hp does not. Which is no big deal I can get ssd on hp if I decide to go for it. So which one should I go for?

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