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HP Omen 2017 Review – Don’t Buy The Wrong One.

Dave2D review of the 2017 HP Omen with Kaby Lake and GTX 1050 Ti or 1060 Max-Q and 120 Hz G Sync Panel.
Cheaper Alternative –
HP Omen (Last Gen) –

GPU Benchmark –

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29 thoughts on “HP Omen 2017 Review – Don’t Buy The Wrong One.

  1. 2015 omen – Expensive but really good
    2016/2017 omen – Cheaper but poor thermals
    mid 2017 omen – Pricing isn't competitive until you drop $1200+

    Thanks for watching!

  2. Hey, i dont expect any answear in this comment but still
    I have a Omen Laptop Model 17-An0xx, gtx 1070, 16 gb.
    But i cant find this hp Omen Display Options, anyone can help me pls ? ( i already tried google anywways)

  3. 2019! i have the most expensive model and i most say hp omen is the worst laptop ive ever owend. its crashes oftean, its so hot that theglue underneeth the computer is lose. they d buttom on keypad litterly splitt in 2. WASTE OF MONEY100%

  4. I have question I hope you or someone can answer. I know some of the models came with an optical drive. I'm looking at buying the 17-an010ca and in the pictures I've seen it appears to have a slot to install an optical drive, but I'm being told that it does not have a slot. So can anyone confirm if that particular model is capable of having an optical drive installed?

  5. Hai bro I bought a new gaming laptop. How long should I charge it for the first time ???? Some suggest 24 hrs …… waiting for your kind response

  6. Wait which one did you buy? I'm looking to buy the 979.99 USD one, it's the one with the i5 and 1050ti, on Amazon it says it has a 144hz screen

  7. Got the 120hz 1060 model, gets hot but not uncomfortable.
    I am using a USB keyboard, mouse, so I don't notice it. But for the price now in 2019 it's a really good laptop.

  8. Necesito ayuda ya!!! Estoy entre la omen 15 gtx 1050 8 RAM y la omen 17 gtx 1050 16 RAM pero es la de exhibición pero tiene garantía igual que la omen 15 pero la omen 15 si tienen nuevas en empaque aún que hago? Me arriesgo o que opinan

  9. i have one omen 17 :
    vary good for gaming , actually im using for unreal engine and some app desginer,

    rgb color nice on monitor but in photoshop you need create color management. its worth

  10. i just want to ask you when you were reviewing this laptop did you notice anything strange or different about the touchpad?? like if it's slightly raised towards the lower part, nearer to the two buttons. mine could be a refurbished models since its kinda common in my country. im not sure if originally its supposed to be flushed like all laptops do with the touchpads or mine just happen to have this little bump thing with it being slightly raised that its more obvious if you look at it from the front a bit lower.

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