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How women in Pakistan are creating political change | Shad Begum

Activist Shad Begum has spent her life empowering women to live up to their full potential. In a personal talk, she shares her determined struggle to improve the lives of women in her deeply religious and conservative community in northwest Pakistan — and calls for women around the world to find their political voice. “We must stand up for our own rights — and not wait for someone else to come and help us,” Begum says.

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31 thoughts on “How women in Pakistan are creating political change | Shad Begum

  1. This is true feminism, in an environment where feminism is needed. Stop verbally assaulting your Tinder dates and do something valuable instead.

  2. It's not a men's job, eh ? Men built civilization and now you want to manage it with no consequences or investment. Disgusting

  3. Men create feminism in pakistan. Islam doesnt stop women working progressing. And niqaab is saudi man made misinterpretation of surah noor. Headscarf is important. Go women speak to imran khan.

  4. Proud to see her “taboo” mindset. So proud of her struggle. Inshallah, your struggle will prove even more, thousand-fold successful. A wonderful thought process. You deserved that standing ovation 🌺🌺🎀

  5. More so All Christian's have the mark of the beast! that is all that have worshiped the father in heaven on Sunday.
    Search the holy book u study and find what the father in heaven,has left for u ,Look for the truth through the book of Enoch,and how to survive in these last days,the father has blessed us with the truth in the last, and study ,most of all root the word of the father in heaven,Amen Beloved.

  6. This woman is brave. Pakistan is a barbaric state, and Islam is a poison that shackles everybody, but is worse to women. What she is doing therefore really does mean a lot.

  7. Countries where religious law prevails social and political revolutions and revolts go to garbage box , it is good that there are these activists working for changes to be made but if they really want to achieve change they must question the root cause for every problem . In country like Pakistan a lot of people need change along with the women.

  8. As Christopher Hitchens said, empowerment of women will flip a poverty stricken state upside down for the better. Good for her!

  9. This is so motivational and inspiring video for new generation. Now I was thinking about this video. When will watch all people so definitely will change 20% and in the itself.

  10. In that whole speech she doesn’t need to insult any gender to speak for female rights, if all the feminist talks like her I believe more and more man will take part in the process and raise their voice for womens rights👍

  11. During her speech she doesn’t look a little bit of pretentious despite her astounding success and achievement but the whole speech was very influencing, I'm impressed. That's what a feminist should look like, Ema Watson could learn something from this women

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