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How we talk about sexual assault online | Ione Wells

We need a more considered approach to using social media for social justice, says writer and activist Ione Wells. After she was the victim of an assault in London, Wells published a letter to her attacker in a student newspaper that went viral and sparked the #NotGuilty campaign against sexual violence and victim-blaming. In this moving talk, she describes how sharing her personal story gave hope to others and delivers a powerful message against the culture of online shaming.

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36 thoughts on “How we talk about sexual assault online | Ione Wells

  1. Online sexual harassment is assult,in my case its coming from neighbors and cops, firemen stalking painting lies about my true human existence its criminal and I'm fighting back until everyone of these clowns gets what they one has the right to abuse me..You will lose your rights ,they will be stolen from you when you least suspect it to happen a thief in the night will take you down, you will cry and plead ,oh its to late,

  2. How she was such an amazing speaker! Just saw this but i'm from the UK and experienced sexual assault while in college in the US and while I feel I can talk about it in America, no one in the UK talks about it and it leaves survivors feeling very isolated and silenced

  3. SHE ISN'T ADVOCATING FOR CENSORSHIP she is saying that people should be more compassionate. It is fine to disagree but there is a respectful way of disagreeing that isn't just hating and putting others down. It isn't what is being said that needs to be changed it is how people say it. There is constructive criticism that contributes to growth and there is destructive criticism that is only a way to force your ideas on another and bash them. Lean towards constructive criticism and the world would be that much better

  4. This is the reason people are ashamed to speak out about sexual assault. I understand that there is trash out there but this isn’t that. Sexual assault is serious and life changing. It’s an awful thing that isn’t tackled like it should be. It’s disregarded by the authorities and women and men allover the world just need a safe place to speak out. So stop turning everything into hate. Maybe you should listen to these people instead.

  5. This women gets up in front of a large crowd of people and this video has been viewed almost 100,000 times and tells her own story of sexual assault and tries to advocate for others and she still gets hate. This women has more balls and motivation then everyone who said something nasty in the comments combined together. And thats not it. Everytime someone tries to advocate for sexual assault, they get more hate than praise. Unless you've experienced something similar man or woman, you need to stfu.

  6. Sad to know people are having problem with a positive change….but the world is big and people like Wells are bringing a positive change.

  7. I keep seeing the word feminism in the comments. Sexual assault affects more than just woman… Including myself. I am a male who survived a terrible sexual assault and I'm not alone. Many more man than people think are affected as well by sexual assault. Some people need a learning lesson. But this woman is seriously strong and I have total respect for her!!

  8. People never want to hear that we, as a whole deny the truth of what is in front of us each and every day. We see events, and the after effects, and blind ourselves to the pain we see. At the point that our self-imposed blinders come off, we are overwhelmed by the shame of our blindness, we usually over react with our only natural defense for this: Anger. She makes a very good point, if we are to overcome the problems of the world, we need to move past the base instinct to attack with anger, and find constructive ways to create a safer world. A place where we actively look out for one another. The evidence that we don't do this is all around us shown by the things we turn a blind eye to and do nothing about. The poison that will eventually kill us all is the idea that any individual person isn't worthy of a helping hand, that because we may be better off we don't have a responsibility to help someone who isn't as well off. If you think you are above this, when was the last time you stepped up and put a stop to a stranger degrading someone else? If you had seen the assault of this woman, would you have stepped in? As a whole, we have to work together. As an individual we are weak, as a whole looking out for each other we are a force to be reckoned with.

    In short, thank you Ms. Wells for your strength. You have brought up a subject we hide our heads in the sand from. I hope this and similar movements bring hope to the men and women who have been a receiver of these injustices, and encourages bystanders to keep an eye out and offer a helping hand to those less fortunate.

    Thank you, again!

  9. this girl is brave and kind, but the real world is much dangerous , so take care of yourself ,it is better to prevent those things happen than tell the story.

  10. I just started up a channel trying to create a community for those of us who have experienced sexual assault in all it's forms. Check it out if you want!

  11. I'm so happy I've found that video I feel like it's the one I needed to watch to help me heal 🙂 and what a strong woman I feel like I have my feet on the ground again. Thank you 🙂

  12. Although some excellent points were brought up I do have a few problems with this, firstly commenting that men had opened up to u about there attacks then less than a minute later completely ignoring that men have this happen to them too, I appreciate that u do not like the idea of "man shaming" it is refreshing, but commenting on something then ignoring the comment seems unfair. Now the second problem is that social media is not a medium that can be "regulated" as much as u seem to want, the problem is that social media and the internet in general is different from anything that has come before and cannot play by the same rules. Someone cannot be silenced simply because of there accusations or opinions no matter how extreme or unfair. In my opinion that is the greatest thing about the internet, a persons ability to voice and opinion where they could not outside, it gives everyone an equal chance of being heard, u do not have a bigger voice just because ur rich or powerful, and trying to pull the tongue out of so many others just because they don't agree with u it they have an opinion or they question ur reasoning for the campaign is simply unfair and is should never be allowed no matter what, I'm Irish so we don't play the "free speech" here, but if I don't agree with someone i have the right and should always have the right to interject and to object and voice my own counter argument, this is not "victim shaming" or "discrimination" and not be silenced. The internet is a new medium that cannot be regulated as much as u hope, I'm sorry, but that's my opinion

  13. Don't worry about all that rape and violence. It doesn't matter. Your great-great grandkids could be poor and hopeless idiots because of the butterfly effect caused by it, and the rapist's great-great grandkids will be successful and powerful in some way or another. But it'll be equal then, so it doesn't matter now. Just like native americans, african americans, and asian americans compared to the whites that raped and murdered our people in the past, right?

    Edit: Except as you can tell, these time are much different. By her tone and reasoning, you can tell she's slightly off in her morality of others. Of course the guy assaulted you, but you have to "humanize" him? You do realize that psychopaths are defined by their lack of empathy, and if you had to actually effort to have empathy for someone else instead of having it by nature then maybe you fit the bill. Anyway, as you can tell she's a powerful and confident young female. Just the kind to end up successful and wealthy regardless of what happens to her. A real demon to the third world, globalized nations, and oppressed cultures such as myself. Nothing but money spreading money spreading power spreading money spreading power from her and her type. You make me sick with your manipulative yet still clear superiority complex.

  14. I used to like TED for insightful talks about meaningful topics in science and academics in a 21st century environment, now it's a biased shithole spewing leftist garbage out left and right. cmon!

  15. One of the most moving talks on this show. Amazing courage and fortitude displayed here. As a father and husband i want my whole family to see this. Thanks for the upload.

  16. You spoke for 14 minutes without reaching a point. Also many of your claims are dumb. No one is victim blaming. But there is something called risky behavior. For instance if I show a wallet full of money in a bad neighborhood and get mugged I am not to blame but I am partially responsible for the crime. And your solution is not taking precautions, not anything that could diminuish the number of victims, no, your solution is censoring speech.

  17. This brave young person talked about both men AND women in her well-poised speech, giving all victims of sexual assault hope and empowerment. "Meninists" and misogynists who I assume are responsible for the majority of the dislikes need to heed to the information in the video before reacting negatively purely to the words "sexual assault".
    What if (God forbid) this was someone you knew? Would you not want you or your loved ones to REACH OUT through HER CAMPAIGN (cause really that's all she talked about in the video) to seek help?
    Please, have some respect.

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