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How to Use Categories & Tags in WordPress – The Masterclass

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Everything you ever wanted to know about using WordPress categories and tags for maximum SEO, silo setup, user friendly navigation and more.
How can you make your content more discoverable? What’s the best way to create a silo structure for optimal SEO on your WordPress website? Should you have loads of categories or just a handful? We cover all that and more in this video.


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32 thoughts on “How to Use Categories & Tags in WordPress – The Masterclass

  1. Watch this next to learn how to fill all those categories with better, more engaging content!

  2. This is SO helpful! Thank you! How to properly use categories and tags has always been a mystery to me, and I always thought that they were redundant, but after your thorough explanation and excellent examples, it is super clear to me now. I am just starting a new website and blog, so this is the perfect time to figure out my main categories before I start writing a lot of posts. Thanks so much for this awesome and informative video.

  3. Thank you! The action labels is a really great tip. Will be applying this. Also i totally had too many categories that were closely related. Will be revising them.

  4. I have a magazine style website with over 300 posts. I usually check 2-3 categories for each post. I don't think it will cause duplication problem because there's only one primary category. Am I right?

  5. What tool did you use to edit this video? I love the effect of transitioning between you full screen and then your website example full screen.

  6. Excellent explanation… I've honestly struggled with these two for quite some time. My main take away = CATEGORIES –> one/post, front end, navigation and TAGS –> organizing, back end, attributes.

  7. The best post or article or video I have ever seen on categories and tags. Very well done and much needed for a lot of us that mess this part of our websites up.

  8. I have problem with tag, when I click on the tag URL its show me whole the post, what I see in your example its only display few contact + read more , how can I fix that ?

  9. Dear Shane, this video is the best one I have ever watched talking and teaching about categories and tags. Thank you very much for it.

  10. Categories are curation of post excerpts …So Would you Noindex,follow the categories or index it.

    Does Noindex ,follow pass the link juice to each single posts….

    Since most of the backlinks are to the homepage and link juice passes from the home page to the category page ( via navigation/menu links) , is it a good idea to noindex the category.

  11. Hello, please can you help. I've got a few categories on my website including 'podcasts' and 'blog'. Why do my posts which are blogs also show up under the podcast category? Thanks for any help 🙂

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