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How to Use a Clay Bar Paint Care and Preparation – Meguiar’s Car Care Series Step 2 of 5

Step 2 of the paint care process is cleaning and prepping the paint for waxing/polishing. After the washing and drying, we need to evaluate the paint finish by feeling for a rough surface. As time passes your cars paint gets rough due to above surface bonded contaminates which inhibits gloss and shine. The second part of the evaluation means you are looking closely at the paint surface for any swirl marks or oxidation.

To remedy these problems you need 2 separate products: a clay bar which is designed to remove the above surface contaminants and a product like ultimate compound which will remove oxidization.

This paint cleaning and prepping step is vital to allowing your polishes and waxes last longer. Always use a product designed for Modern Clearcoats.

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38 thoughts on “How to Use a Clay Bar Paint Care and Preparation – Meguiar’s Car Care Series Step 2 of 5

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  2. You rock! Thanks for the information! I have a 2003 T-Bird and the paint is rough and swirly. I cannot wait to try the tape test on my car!

  3. I've never heard of a clay bar and I've just ordered one. My car has so many contaminants that I can't wait to remove! thanks for the advice!

  4. Oof its a Saab and i didn’t even know it wooo we up in this .owner of three Saab’s and I use meguires products to keep them show car worthy

  5. I have a dewalt 7 inch polisher. Its variable speed, I'm wondering what is the best rpm speed for buffing painted surfaces? Thank you. I love meguires products also. Used both mothers and meguires and have mostly all of both but prefer the meguires. Nice video, very cool. Thanks

  6. Although your technique was good but one would think
    Meguiar's could afford more then a drill, but Meguiar's is an entry level product, do your homework there are a lot better products out there.

  7. My BMW dealership when I brought my new BMW M4 had washed it and caused scratches to my brand new car, if you are thinking of getting a new car, tell the delearships wash monkeys not to wash it on arrival, they will cause more damage with a bucket and sponge than you will in a year of washing it correctly. ☹️ BMW Bunch morranic wankers

  8. You are caying and toushing with your hand. Doesn't that bad? You are pitting oil of your body and contaminating the surface???

  9. There is no wAy in hell anyone has the energy to do this 5 steps in a day or even 2, will probably take a week to finish the entire 5 steps. That means not driving your car for 5 days! This is BS!

  10. OHHHH 5:36 !!!!! I saw that Ha. you cant use that anymore cuz it fell on the ground and, ya know, contaminates ane Industrial Fallout 😂😂

  11. Car "clay" is not clay at all. It is a simple —– product that can be purchased at any store like Home Depot. I have used it for years. You don't need a special lubricant with it, just a spray with any sort of surfactant will work. It costs three dollars for two pounds!

  12. How much pressure do you put on the clay bar? I bought a new mustang in black, so trying to ensure i get my paint protected from the get go.

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